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    Bilawal Bhutto Zardari sends mangoes to British Queen

    Alternate Link 1003957533035702 Queen Elizabeth travels in style with 'Bilawal House' mangoes Pakistani mangoes are famous worldwide and it seems that even the Queen is a fan. The 90-year-old arrived at the Edinburgh Waverley railway station ahead of Holyrood Week on Friday with loads of...
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    A royal Punjabi wedding
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    saving royal doom at the expense of Canadian boom (TMX-LSE merger) TMX Group Inc. (X-T44.060.010.02%) is sticking with its plan to merge with London Stock Exchange Group PLC, rejecting a $3.6-billion counter-proposal from a group of nine Canadian banks and...
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    Royal wedding (Pakistani Version)

    KARACHI: His Royal Highness Nawab Shahabuddin Mohammad Akbar the XXIII (popularly known as Prince Akbar) is all set to marry Sonya Usmani in what is marked to be the wedding of modern day Pakistan. As the country winces under inflation and instability, many are making discounts for a day thatll...
  5. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 29th April 2011 - Mazhar Abbas - Begani Shadi Main Abdullah Dewaana (Coverag

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    Saudi Royal Family Lives

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    Royal Wedding Guest lIst - I can't see Zardari's name

    I can't see Zardari's name any where.
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    The Royal Wedding