1. Siasi_sazish

    Would you like to see yourself in a MIRROR?

    What a bunch of losers. .. Your country is in ruins, Your kids are being raped The entire lot PMLN parliamentarians and govt officials are running brothels by using your innocent kids Your hospitals are full of filth Your schools are trash You have no water, no electricity, no utilities...
  2. A

    The End of PTI and Imran Khan ?

    Senate Elections coming soon and very interesting political developments in Pakistan. Zardari played a triumph card and ordered Sindh Assembly to accept the long submitted resignations of 4 PTI provincial members (PS 93: Hafeez Uddin, PS 112: Khurram Sher Zaman, PS 113: Samar Ali and Special...
  3. ahmadalikhan

    Best Time For Predictions To Come True (Ya Allah! Pakistan Pe Reham Farma De)

    English Translation of Dr. Safdar Mehmood Columns (Predictions about Pakistan Future) Read columns in Urdu Ist column was published on 13-July-2010 & 2nd on 15-July-2010 in Jang Newspaper. 1. Dr. Safdar...

    iFFi-K ALLAH REHAM KARDE (Official Video) It News song

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