1. lafatah

    Vote Registration form Download and procedure Anyone can get his or her vote registered at any given time. To get one's vote registered, one must be of over the age 18 and have NIC card issued by NADRA. The process is simple but...
  2. Danishkhan

    Chairman Imran Khan appeals to all Pakistanis for registration of votes. Get Your Votes Registered... Before 30th of September... Sorry if theres already a thread for this.
  3. A

    Voter Registration Procedure!!!

    Voter Registration One of the main reasons PTI suffered in the last few by-elections was due to the inefficient voting registration mechanism. Although this is the responsibility of the Election Commission of Pakistan, who failed to provide guidance and help to many people. However Pakistan...
  4. S

    Vote registration process for (overseas) Pakistani

    Vote registration process for (overseas) Pakistanis. Like previous thread asking people if they have change their political affiliation I also plan to vote for PTI this time. My family used to be pmln supporter but not anymore... I live abroad and have been out of country for number of years...
  5. ealtaf

    ECP Launches Door-to-Door Voter Registration Drive from 22nd August; Imran Asks Youth to Get Registe

    Chairman PTI Imran Khan has lauded the launch of door-to-door verficiation of 80 million voters by Election commission having NADRA CNICs which started from Monday, 22nd August and will continue till 30th September 2011. Imran Khan has asked upon the youth to ensure their registration as voters...
  6. hroonj2k3

    PTI Election Commission Voter Registration Info Video, very useful

    Note: You can view/download the voter verification/registration form "Alif" from the link below. You can print out these form and distribute it in your teams and family and friends. People can fill it up and keep them ready and hand over to the Election Commission Representative when they visit...
  7. MediaCell

    Election Commission of Pakistan launches vote registration drive

    ECP launches voter registration drive; Imran asks youth to get registered Chairman PTI Imran Khan has lauded the launch of door-to-door verficiation of 80 million voters by Election commission having NADRA CNICs which started from Monday,18th July and will continue till 16th August 2011...
  8. hroonj2k3

    Poll for Vote Registration: 2011-2013....The Begining of the Change

    Dear Pakistan: Vote Registration Poll: 2011-2013(omg) I am a registered voter but not my familyI am a registered voter with my familyI am a registered voter with my whole family members and friendsI would register with my family as soon as possibleI would register with my family before...
  9. hroonj2k3

    Voter Registration Poll: 2011-2013

    Dear Members: Please make a promise that you will register your vote before 14th August 2011 and celebrate the independence day of Pakistan as a registered voter.
  10. K

    PTI, next elections and voter registration

    Hello everyone... I see here and in some other websites that there is a huge fan following of PTI and Imran Khan. There are big predictions about PTI sweeping the next elections but I have a very simple and basic question from all the supporters of PTI. How many of you have already registered...
  11. WatanDost

    Voter Lists Registration to start from 8th August - MQM waley phans gaye?

    MQM per aik aur Museebat aa pari Agar yeah hakoomat mai hotey tow apni marzi sai VOTE registar kartey. Ab in ki HAQEEQI MAQBOOLIAT ka POL next election mai KHUL jaye ga. Tamam JAALEE VOTE khatam. MAZEED RONA DHONA SUNNAI DAI GA JALD HI MQM KA.
  12. M Ali Khan

    Election Commission of Pakistan rejects registration of Musharraf's APML

    [hilar][hilar][hilar] ECP rejects registration of Musharraf's APML Published: June 15, 2011 Sources have said that the APML was handed a rejection because two other parties with the same name had also tried to register with the ECP...

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