PTI Election Commission Voter Registration Info Video, very useful


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Note: You can view/download the voter verification/registration form "Alif" from the link below. You can print out these form and distribute it in your teams and family and friends. People can fill it up and keep them ready and hand over to the Election Commission Representative when they visit your house in their Door to Door drive. Voter Registration is very critical for PTI's success in future elections and it can be the deciding factor as many of our supporters are youth/first time voters. Everyone should play their part and make sure your's and your family's vote is registered.

To Download Election Commission Voter Registration Form: CLICK HERE

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Best way to support PTI is to get up, register your vote and make little effort to vote. Otherwise hollow slogans will accomplish nothing.


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I born in hyd pakistan and my vote is registered there ... but now i moved to Lhr and want to register my family's vote here it possible and 2ndly how to do it.