1. Matie Khan

    Timeline: PPP MQM Relation

  2. Night_Hawk

    NAB arrest PPP leaders son over fraud charges

    LAHORE: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) authorities on Sunday arrested the son of a Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) over fraud charges, ARY News reports. According to NAB offices, Shaukatullah Bangash, son of PPP leader Saifullah Bangash, indulged in a fraud of Rs. 50 million by...
  3. A

    Should Rana Sanaullah be sacked ?

    On kasur incident the way PML N especially Rana Sanaullah is trying deliberately to make this incident into a small problem and made media move away and lying again and again about it. so lets have a poll that should Rana Sanaullah should be sacked ? or not
  4. A

    PML N vs Pakistanis

    For few days i am cing when every Pakistani is talking about * India killing Pakistanis on line of control * Flood and its caused problems * Iran deal with USA * Peace talks with Taliban * AH and MQM issue * Load shedding * Pakistan keep taking more and more loans * NAB cases * and now...
  5. A

    Kasur Incident Vs Model Town Incident

    Few days ago in model town v c extream brutality and killing of ppl which is even captured by media cameras .. SS took a notice and made a JC , whos report is never made public , in that report who ever was accused never get any punishment And Now Kasur Incident happened and SS made an other...
  6. A

    Aik Sawal ... PML N kay supporters say

    IS Altaf Hussain is a traitor ??? If yes what Fed. Govt. did so far against him And If he is not , What Fed. Govt. did to punish those ministers who said he is a traitor ??? Please do not make it a political fight btw parties ;right now PML N is in Govt. and they r the only one who by law...
  7. K

    Nandipur Mega Corruption Power project falls flat on Ganji Tind

    Could only run for 3 minutes and passed out like Mian Lohar Shareef. Mega project, mega corruption.
  8. A

    Congratulations , we all witnessed the fairest election

    Congratulations to all Hence it is proven that 2013 Elections were the fairest elections ever happened in the history of Pakistan, and some how we were witnesses to that. I hope from now on when ppl will tell us that elections in 1970 were the only fair ones, we can slap them on their faces...
  9. Mughal Badshah

    Record Pak remittances to shore up national economy

    آدھی سے زیادہ معیشت بیرون ملک مقیم پاکستانی چلا رہے ہیں اور یہ جاہل پٹواری انہی پر ٹیکس لگا کر انکو غیر سرکاری ذرایع سے پیسا بھیجنے پر مجبور کر رہے ہیں۔ 4 billion in FY-2015 is very close to the Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves of $18.714 billion. (Bloomberg) Record Pak remittances to...
  10. G

    Bullet points of JUSTICE WAJIH's Below given letter.

    This thread is again and again deleted by some rogue team member of Siasat.pk,I am re-posting again and again. Bullet points of JUSTICE WAJIH's Below given letter. 1 ) Unwarranted actions were taken against SCAD (Standing Committee for accountability and discipline ) and Malik yusuf Gabol...
  11. U

    Fixing the PTI

    Fixing the PTI The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf recently marked its 19th Foundation Day. In my opinion, and without any doubts, Imran Khan has worked hard to propel the party from one seat in 2002 to over 30 seats in the National Assembly. The PTI’s performance in the recent Cantonment boards'...
  12. ArtistSajid

    آئین نہ احتساب، نظریہ ضرورت ہے مقدم؟

    آئین نہ احتساب، نظریہ ضرورت ہے مقدم؟ قلمکار : محمد ساجد جوڈیشل کمیشن کے قیام کے بعد تحریک انصاف پارلیمانی سیاست میں واپس آگئی ہے۔اور قومی اسمبلی سےگزشتہ سات ماہ کی تنخواہوں اور مراعات کا مطالبہ کیا ہے، جس کے لئے درخواستیں جمع کرا دی گئی ہیں۔تحریک انصاف کے ارکان قومی اسمبلی سے استعفوں...
  13. صف شکن

    U-Turn Master! How to analyze our politician statements/actions?

    U-turn: a term which we hear a lot nowadays, specifically in reference to politics. If it means, a mere change of one’s mind about something (provided it doesn’t cause severe consequences) I don’t understand how is it objectionable at all? If we talk about our own selves, with the passage of...
  14. M

    Mockery of justice in pakistan (sadruddin hashwani vs asif zardari)

    Truth Always Prevails is the memoir of one most prominent businessman of Pakistan, Sadruddin Hashwani, chairman of the internationally recognized Hashoo Group. He is also owner of the most prominent hotels across Pakistan. In his book he exposed former president very badly, and shown his real...
  15. Zafar Malik

    یہی اللہ کا دستور ہے

    پاکستان کے نظامِ انصاف کا کمال یہ ہے کہ جس جرم کی نوعیت، اس کے مجرم اور اس سے متعلق ہر کردار کو شہر، گلی اور محلے کا بچہ بچہ بخوبی جانتا ہو گا اسے عدالت میں ثابت کرنا اب دنیا کا ناممکن ترین کام بن چکا ہے۔ اسی لیے کہ جس شخص کی جانب بھی انگلی اٹھتی ہے کہ اس نے قتل کیا ہے، چوری کی ہے، بھتہ لیا...
  16. TylerDurden

    Well Played Pak Amry

    Yet another Checkmate situation this time by Pak Army. Politics is all about cornering your opponents and putting them in a checkmate situation so they can either submit to their opponents or find a way out famously known as (Siyasi Hal) Starting from Imran Khans dharna, PTI was in a very...
  17. G

    Israeli Mossad Goes Rogue, Warns U.S. on Iran Sanctions

    Israeli Mossad Goes Rogue, Warns U.S. on Iran Sanctions 1091 Jan 21, 2015 7:26 PM EST By Josh Rogin &...
  18. MariaAli

    Peoples Party : Pro Taliban or Anti- Taliban?