Well Played Pak Amry


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Yet another Checkmate situation this time by Pak Army.

Politics is all about cornering your opponents and putting them in a checkmate situation so they can either submit to their opponents or find a way out famously known as (Siyasi Hal)

Starting from Imran Khans dharna, PTI was in a very good position to checkmate their opponents especially PMLN but due to Pak Army Backing Off at the last moment and some of his own mistakes, PMLN came out of it smoothly even though street power is still with PTI waiting for IKs next move.

Now its the Pak Army who after a devastating incident of APS is preparing a checkmate situation for political parties. Just look at the recent incidents and connect the dots.

Introduction of Army Courts.
Ongoing Rangers Operation in Karachi.
Timely introduction of JIT report on Baldiya Town

MQM is in a checkmate situation and they are about to form a coalition with PPP in Sindh Govt. PPP on one hand shaking hands with MQM while on other saying that JIT report is true. We must know that PPP is the owner of Rangers Operation is Karachi and withdrawing from this operation will result in losing their control in the only province they have left with. PMLN is under pressure to continue Rangers Operation along with recommending Baldiya Town case in Army Courts. PMLN till now is putting this on PPP by saying that its provisional govt call. PMLN is clear that they need PPP support to stay in power while they cant say NO to Pak Army. Also PMLN know that any major unrest in Karachi will ultimately affect Islamabad

I still believe that the key to end this checkmate situation is in Zardaris hand but this time he has to choose one as it seems that he wont be able to save both PMLN and MQM by saving his own **** first.

For Pak Army, all I can say is . WELL PLAYED

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if mqm goes into coalition with ppp, they can forget votes even from bihari areas. karachi public definitely hates ppp more than they hate nawaz mafia.

pti needs to show courage and i dont think altaf dare attack pti. reason is that pti has a lot of influence in uk and with the joining of sarwar, they will get direct access to labor party insiders. fact is that if something happens to pti leaders in khi - reaction will happen in london and im sure mqm knows that after the teen talwar speech.


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well, Pak army has always played... sometimes well played and sometimes bad plays.... never did their job ONLY PLAYED...


Zain Itrat

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They Say First Deserve And Then Desire. If This Political Leadership Is Not Capable Enough To Deal With Army And Army Can Do Better Politics Than These So Called Political Parties Then ARMY IT IS...!