1. Geek

    Mamnoon takes oath as President of Pakistan

  2. A

    Historical Ties Between Peoples Party and Syrian Regime

    now a days ppp leaders like faisal raza aabidi are speaking in favour of syrian and iranian government..... it should be known that there are historical relationships between peoples party and syrian regime... in the 80s,bashar's father hafiz al assad had good relations with ppp... syria...
  3. psychonaut

    The pir in the palace

    It would be of general public interest, especially the tax-payers, to know if a resident pir lives in the Prime Minister House presently. Nawaz Sharif’s pir of the past was the celebrated Dewana Baba of Dhanaka Sharif in Mansehra District. His real name was Rahmat Ullah. He died in 2008. In...
  4. Z

    ہمارے حکمران اور ہم

  5. G

    Chor Party - Humaray Be-Imaan Siyasatdaan

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnkV-NCMb70 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=2411678006556&set=vb.1089426237&type=3
  6. B

    Rehman Malik's Latest Scandal

    Rehman Malik retweeted something really vulgar on his official verified twitter account (@SenRehmanMalik), but removed it after some people started bashing him for it. Here's the Picture: https://twitter.com/SenRehmanMalik/status/336928344669036544
  7. H

    NA 250 - EX Minister Interior Rehman Malik being abused

  8. Muslimonly

    PTI-PPP Seat Adjustment on NA 56 and PP-14

    PTI-PPP Seat Adjustment on NA 56 and PP-14 Source Link (for those who are saying its lie) http://www.naibaat.com.pk/ePaper/islamabad/04-05-2013/details.aspx?id=p8_18.jpg FULL NEWS ------------------------ http://dawn.com/2013/03/31/imrans-papers-submitted-for-na-56/...
  9. D

    Rehman malik in meeting of PPP,MQM and ANP puts the blame of terrorism on Punjab

  10. N

    Check out the vision of a big leader about youth future and prosperity in Pakistan?

    I came to watch some lines from Mian sb (baray walay) debate on TV a while ago in which he was saying "Nojawano applications likh kar rakho jis jis kay pass degree hai aur woh farigh phir raha hai.....mei mulk kay har hissay mei bank kholoon ga aur sheikhupura mei be us ki branches hon gi aur...
  11. M

    Will Nawaz Sharif Make Zardari his President again? Nawaz Sharif couldn't answer

  12. Muslimonly

    PPP Lies Exposed on Malakand 3 power project

    PPP claimed that Malakand 3 power project is their project and they claimed in today newspapaer While the fact is that Malakand 3 power project was started and completed by MMA Govt THE Malakand-III hydropower project, having a generating capacity of 81MW electricity, is expected to...
  13. ح

    پی ٹی آئی سے پی پی تک حسن نثار

  14. L

    No Security No Law & Order: the tale of PPPs Five Year Rule

    Originally Posted at http://seedhibaat.com.pk/security-law-order-tale-ppps-year-rule/ Last 5 years have been the deadliest in Pakistans history with over 6500 people losing their lives in terrorist attacks across the country. PPPs government stood silently while terrorists conducted close to...
  15. S

    عمران میں جناح نظر آئے

  16. N

    عرض کیا ہے by Noman Alam

    عرض کیا ہے by Noman Alam دوستو ، بھائیو ، یہ جو الیکٹرانک میڈیا ہے نہ بہت ظالم ہے ، میری اکثر تحریریں چوری ہو چکی ہیں ،الله چوری کرنے والوں کو ہدایت دے ،یہ نظم میں نے بہت مرتبہ دوسری ویب سائٹس پر پتا نہی کن کن ناموں سے دیکھی ہے ، میں اسکا اصل ملک ہوں , بہت عرصہ پہلے یہ نظم لکھی تھی ، آپکی...
  17. N

    جمشید دستی بلا مقابلہ منتخب By Noman Alam

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  18. mrcritic

    Pakistani Avengers! This is classic!

  19. B

    PPP + PML N = Next Govt

    Hi guys, Everyone is talking about that vote for pti is equal to vote to zardari BUT (its a big but) Vote to pml n is equal to vote to zardari. The reason is very simple Nawaz Sharif is desperate for next term of PM Ship. He is accepting everyone regadrdless of their past, corruption, fake...
  20. Geek

    مکافات عمل -

    مکافات عمل - تاریخ اپنا آپ دہرا رہی ہے کردار تبدیل ہو گئے ہیں VS VS مکافاتِ عمل! ججوں اور اُن کےبچوں کوقید کرنےوالےغاصب کی اپنی بیٹی انصاف کےلیےججوں کی دہلیز پر۔عبرت