Check out the vision of a big leader about youth future and prosperity in Pakistan?


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I came to watch some lines from Mian sb (baray walay) debate on TV a while ago in which he was saying "Nojawano applications likh kar rakho jis jis kay pass degree hai aur woh farigh phir raha hai.....mei mulk kay har hissay mei bank kholoon ga aur sheikhupura mei be us ki branches hon gi aur har brach say asaan kiston par aap ko QARSA faraham karoon ga. I just want to ask is there any difference between Baynazeer Income support programm and Qarza Scheme. You dont want to creat opportunities for youth rather get them under debt and cripple their future ambitions.
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vohi na issy kaho itna khayal hai to london ma 65 caror pound ki jadad ma sy 1 2 caror pound la k yahan qarzy dy logoon ko, qoami khazany ko thook lagy ga yah gan*ja papi .. abb b jo in pay aitmad kry uss ki akal ka matam hi ho skta hay

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That is the difference in thinking between Noora Tind, Phutto and Imran Khan, They can only think of solutions by just giving out charity and alms, making the people more dependent on hand outs. While IK wants to empower the nation and make it stand on its own to feet, through education, job creation, capital investment so and so forth.

You catch a fish for a man, you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.


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Miam Nawaz Sharief

A 'LEADER' with average intelligence, only fit to run scrape steel business under guidene of 'abba -jee'.
Not a statesman, check his statements in support of ZARDARI, its ironic that ZARDARI was jailed for corruption by his government.
Check his conduct during cargil war, the way he took his whole cabinet in the court of US president Clinton and the way he licks US feet.
He does not deserve to lead an atomic power.....

Imran should make him his property manager as a pension for his old age.....
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Nawaz shareef's promises

NAWAZ SHAREEF it full.....
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that's the vision of a leader, who have ruled almost 30 years to the country one way, the other.... and he has many blatant fools as followers,,,,,, just can say ye daulay shah ke chohay hain jinka brain dvelop nae hota..... aur gali gali bongyan martay phrtay hain


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Re: Nawaz shareef ke wade.....

Nawaz Sharif is a liar promising billions and motorways to villagers..Dengue brothers! Your time is up!


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Re: Nawaz shareef's promises

Mota Nawaja is a Dajjal of Pakistan! We need to kick his ar@e in the elections!
Vote for Imran Khan!

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Re: Nawaz shareef's promises



As per terms of Muk Muka the Punjab Govt. back stabbed the 120 million ppl of punjab in the name of punjab.

Here are some cases of betraying Punjabis of their constitutional and legal rights.

1: N.Sharif put kala Bagh Dam construction on top of his agenda in his 1988/1993 manifestos. He

reiterated this in May, 1998, after nuclear explosions. Now he doesn't talk of Kala Bagh Dam but

typical " consensus " mantra has taken over his manifesto.

2: Its no secret that Sindhi Nationalists ( anti pakistan / confederationists ) have joined hands recently

with Nawaz Shareef. To get a few seats in Sindh he entered into alliance with Mumtaz Bhutto and

new Pir Pagara. Late pir Pagara was the only sindhi leader favouring Kala Bagh Dam but his son has

openly declared that Kala Bagh Dam shall not be allowed to be constructed. Kala Bagh Dam is life

line for Punjab agriculture.

3: In 1991 and 1997 water accords he sold out Punjab waters and agreed to share water with Sindh

equally i.e. 37% each. The cultivated land in Punjab isalmost 3/4 times larger than Sindh yet , for

few seats in Sindh, he sold out the rights of Punjabi farmers and more than half of the Sindh water is

wasted and goes into ocean.

4: Rasool Bux Paleejo is an anti Punjab voice that never stopped accusing and abusing Punjab for

everything on earth. He was one of the nominees of Nawaz Shareef for the slot of Care Taker Prime


5: In recent NFC Award , once again for their political expediencies, Shahbaz Shareef agreed to reduce

the share of Punjab by 25 billion rupees, from Federal divisible pool, in the first year which will keep

growing indefinitely, rather forever.

6: In the last 5 years of zar Dari ? shareef ( joint rule ) the electricity share of punjab to the tune of

650 to 750 megawatts kept flowing to KESC ( a pvt. company ). the wheel of industry kept running

in Karachi at full swing but the Industries of Faisal Abad / Gujranwala and rest of Punjab stood at

halt and hundreds of thousands workers lost their bread and butter. Most suicidal cases with entire

family were reported in these 2 cities. This was despite the fact that the ratio of payment of

electricity bills stood @ 97% in Punjab ( more than all the 3 provinces combined ), but the

benificiery was KESC and Sindh , buying cheap electricity from Wapda and selling it at much higher

rates. These profis went out from the pockets of Punjabi consumers.

7: The story does not end here. By agreeing to the " first right of use for the producing province " was
accepted by Shahbaz Shareef, meaning thereby that the producing provinces of Electricity and Gas
had the right to fulfill their needs and offer the remaining leftover to other provinces. Its a fact that

Geographically Punjab has no plac to constuct a Dam for its needs except Kala Bagh Dam ( which

has been already compromised ). Similarly the largest gas / oil fields are located in Sindh ( sui gas

has almost consumed its reservoirs). Punjab has too little gas production comparative to its needs.

Resultantly the biggest loadshedding of gas and CNG was witnessed in Punjab only, causing huge

losses to its transport and Industry.

8: After 18/19th amendments, provinces were allowed to produce their own

electricity from their budgets. In the

2012-2013 budget a sum of Rs.172 billion rupees was allocated for this purpose but not a single

penny was spent for this purpose. Instead all this amount was converted to buy votes thru Yellow

cab, Lap tops, Tandoors, jungla bus service and Ujala solar energy schemes to buy the sympathies

of youth and other voters.

Hundreds of such examples can be cited in this regard. As a part of N.R.O. ( Muk Mukka ) Shareefs were allowed to

plunder Punjab and Zar dari, Q League, M.Q.M and A.N.P. were given free hand to loot and plunder of Pakistan.

Shareefs who raised the slogan of " Jag Punjabi Jag " have broken the back of Punjab economy and sold out Punjab's

vital interests for coming into power with thealliances made with Sindhi / baluchi seperatists.

Shareefs have proven themselves biggest anti Punjab force, in the name of Punjab. Any Punjabi voting for PML(N) will

dig the grave of Punjab even deeper.

Furthermore ;

In all these years of Musharraf and Non Shareef Rule 650 to 750 megawatts of electricity continued to be

provided to KESC ( a private company owning Karachi electric supply company ) for onwards suplly to the

karachi indusry at the cost of closure of industries in punjab specially in Faisal Abad and Gujran Wala.

This has almost killed Punjab economy on various counts such as ;

Shortage of Electricity and closure of Industries thus increasing the number of jobless educated youngsters

resulting in extreme increase in the crime rate.

The 650 /750 megawatts are being supllied on subsidised rates to those areas where electricity theft has

gone beyond 40%. All its economic / financial burden is born by people of Punjab where electricity theft

is minimum and revenue recovery is the highest. As a matter of fact Punjab is paying for all the theft,

wrong doings and non payment from Fata / Baluchistan / sindh and Karachi in particular.

The biggest crimes of Punjab are;

Punjabis stand for Pakistan and Federation.

Even bigger crime is to elect leaders like SHAREEFS who , in the name of punjab, back stabbed Punjab

on every financial / economic matter relating to punjab, be it water accord, NFC Award or 18th Amendment.

Those people who have more access to information like hon'ble Rauf Klasara, Ansr Abbasi must investigate

and inform the people of Punjab how badly the Shareef brothers have caused irrepareable and permanent

loss to the economic interests of Punjab ( before elections ).


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Patwaari ???

(jhanda)Vote for Stable Pakistan(jhanda)

(jhanda)Vote for Strong Pakistan(jhanda)