U-Turn Master! How to analyze our politician statements/actions?

صف شکن

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U-turn: a term which we hear a lot nowadays, specifically in reference to politics.

If it means, a mere change of one’s mind about something (provided it doesn’t cause severe consequences) I don’t understand how is it objectionable at all?

If we talk about our own selves, with the passage of time we change our opinion about different things and people, we adapt our decisions to the changed environment. It shows nothing but progressions and flexibility in the human nature and that's a good sign.

However, the intentions, with which one change one's mind, if they are malicious or are intended to fool someone, they must be considered while giving your judgement.

Speaking of our political scenario. If we cannot differentiate with which category our politician statements/actions belong, there is a good possibility that someone is being followed blindly.
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Agree with you 100%.

U-turn is a compromise on one's principles, ideology, outlook etc. Changing logistics to achieve one's objectives is certainly not considered a U-turn; it is just an action to correct the situation at hand. I think our media and folks here on this forum use this word indiscriminately without understanding what it really means, or they use it just to snub their opponents to score cheap political points.