1. crankthskunk


    by Gordon Duff / Senior Editor Veterans Today Abe, (Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League) I call you that because you are like an old friend, perhaps one gone a bit potty, a bit over the edge, a bit obsessed. So many of us have that crazy aunt in the attic. You are mine. Last week, you...
  2. L

    Changing US Population

    According to a report by PolicyLink, (a national research and an action institute) non-Whites will be the majority in America by the year 2040. Dr. Mark Mather of Population Reference Bureau states that the birthrates of white Americans is1.9 per woman and those of Hispanic Americans is 2.7.per...
  3. student

    Pakistan host to largest population of refugees: UN report

    GENEVA: The United Nations sought Monday to debunk what it called worrying misperceptions about movements of displaced people saying that developing countries hosted 80 per cent of the worlds refugees. The total number of refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons, had not ceased to grow...
  4. L

    Increase in the population of donkeys

  5. DashingPun

    6th Population and Housing Census Still not Completed

    19April Was Last Date To Complete It But It Is Extentended to 25april, Fake Voters are registered In Karachi by MQM
  6. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    India's population to surpass China's by 2025: analysis

    India's population to surpass China's by 2025: analysis India will take over China in terms of population by 2025, an analysis of the provisional Census, 2011 data suggests. With more than 1.2 billion people, India contains about 17.5 per cent (every sixth person in the world is an...
  7. sarmad

    17% of the world's population is Indian, may outnumber Chinese in 10 years

    The first results from India's latest census – the second biggest in the world – were released on Thursday, revealing that the country has added 181 million new citizens in the last decade, making it home to 17% of the world's population. China remains the most populous country on the planet...
  8. F

    Muslim Demographics - Amazing! - A must watch!