1. arshadsalim

    Problems of overseas Pakistanis

  2. S

    Mangoes Full Last Episode. Must watch specially for Overseas Pakistani

    Synopsis: The first season of Mangoes comes to a close.
  3. Geek

    Overseas Pakistanis must be given the Right to Vote... Take Action - Dr Arif Alvi

    PTI is of the considered opinion, in fact a CEC decision was made sometime ago that we would campaign for the Right of Overseas Pakistanis to vote in elections in Pakistan. Many Presidents and Prime Ministers have made this promise whenever they have been abroad. Even the Supreme Court charged...
  4. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 2nd September 2011 - Life of Students in London - England

  5. S

    Vote registration process for (overseas) Pakistani

    Vote registration process for (overseas) Pakistanis. Like previous thread asking people if they have change their political affiliation I also plan to vote for PTI this time. My family used to be pmln supporter but not anymore... I live abroad and have been out of country for number of years...
  6. Adeel

    Oil Change Scam - For All the overseas Pakistanis (Becareful!)

  7. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 21st July 2011 - Iqbal Zafar Jhagra - What Overseas Pakistani Want to watch

  8. A

    Right to vote for overseas Pakistanis

    In my personal opinion, all overseas Pakistanis are more loyal and sincere with the country then those who are sitting there . Overseas Pakistanis send more money back home then all the taxes paid by general public who lives inside Pakistan. My question is,,, why overseas Pakistanis dont have...
  9. P

    Imran Khan Addressing 1st Online Jalsa for overseas Pakistanis

    Chairman Imran Khan's online Jalsa video 06-11-2011 Thanks for all who attended. http://youtu.be/lM1NIj22WUE
  10. News Watch

    News Watch - 7th June 2011 - KESC employees protest, Current Budget, Price Hike, Overseas Pakistani

  11. PAINDO

    Chairman Imran Khan's appeal to all Overseas Pakistanis

  12. F

    Role of overseas pakistanis inase of WAR in Pakistan

    Role of overseas pakistanis incase of WAR started in Pakistan Nobody want WAR but you cant avoid it either. Pakistan is in critical situation now and coming days are getting worst. Pakistan is not Afghan, IRAQ and Vitname or anyother country. Keep in mind that lots of pakistanis are...
  13. PkRevolution

    Can we (Overseas Pakistanis) free Pakistan from US aid? If yes, what steps should be taken?

    Unfortunitly it is true that people in our country can be bought by US dollars. I feel ashamed for such people to be called as muslims and Pakistanis. I would like to discuss this with Pakistani brothers how it could be handle? What role should overseas Pakistanis play to help active their...
  14. canadian

    Canadians terrorism trial will make waves overseas,Pakistani-Canadian involved !!

    Back to The big deal: Canadians terrorism trial will make waves overseas The big deal: Canadians terrorism trial will make waves overseas May 13, 2011 Sarah Barmak The trial of a Canadian man in a Chicago federal courtroom on terrorism charges this week may not garner much media attention...
  15. karachiwala

    More American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas

  16. Pakistan 1st

    Studio ONE Overseas Representation of Pakistani Political Parties (PTI, PPP, & MQM)

  17. I

    IKs clips compilation (for overseas Pakistanis)

    Please look at it and share it with family and friends... Prepared for PTI Virginia, USA Chapter’s first meeting on March 27, 2011 Please contact PTI Virginia if you have any question or would like to join/support/volunteer. www.insaf.pk

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