1. WatanDost

    Imran Khan Claims, he can restore peace in just 3 months in Karachi

  2. stephen

    my prayer for the next 12 months

    Happy Indpendance day to my brothers across the sea, and hoping that the next year can bring a more peaceful Pakistan without families having face the pain like families over the last 12 months
  3. PkRevolution

    Marshall Law for 6 months and new elections in Pakistan !!

    When Govt. disobey's continuously Supreme courts orders When Corrupts govern the whole country When law an order situation is at worst state when all govt. institutes giving alarm signals when the debt reaches skies when no policies to change situation and situation turns to its...
  4. C

    Drone flights from Pak base halted three months ago

    WASHINGTON: The CIA suspended its long-standing use of an air base in Pakistan as a launch site for armed drones targeting members of al Qaeda and other militant groups three months ago, according to US and Pakistani officials. In a report published in Washington Post newspaper, Pakistan...
  5. S

    MV Suez: Released sailors return after 11 months - PNS Zulfi'qar reached Karachi - Congratulation to

  6. sarmad

    Japan 3 months after the Disaster.

  7. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 25th May 2011 - Ahsan Iqbal & Bushra Gohar - Why Are The Next Two Months Important Fo

  8. A

    Another smack on ISI: CIA was in Abbotsabad for months

    CIA watched Osama from nearby safe house Updated at: 1108 PST, Friday, May 06, 2011 ABBOTTABAD/NEW YORK: Extensive surveillance of Osama bin Laden's hideout from a nearby CIA safe house in Abbottabad led to his killing in a Navy SEALs operation, US officials said, a revelation likely to...
  9. E

    MQM announces mourning day for tomorrow, 100 workers murdered in 4 months

  10. M

    Paper Debt Will Destroy Dollar in 12 Months

    Listen after 24.00 especially for Pakistan!