1. L

    Journalists, Activists Barred From Showing Indian Brutalities In Kashmir

    A group of activists who visited Jammu and Kashmir this week claimed that the Press Club of India in New Delhi had barred them from showing visuals they recorded in the region. The group was at the Press Club on Wednesday to present a report at a press conference to share their findings from the...
  2. A

    International Media (mostly Indians), Ambassadors & Defence Attachés visited Jabba, Balakot today: ISPR

  3. J

    Indian journalists discussing different options to hurt Pakistan

  4. crankthskunk

    MQM threatening Journalists and Owners of Media outlets on breaking News of two Arrests at Karachi A

    AzadDunya website is reporting MQM has started to use the familiar tactics of terror and intimidations, threatening Journalists for publication of news on the arrest of two people from Karachi Airport in connection with the Murder of Dr. Imran Farqooq. We know these terrorists have a long...
  5. Wadaich

    SAFMA: List of the Pakistani Loser Journalists Who Are Members of SAFMA and a Tool of RAW to Stabili

    Please mark all these sorry figures and be aware of their venomous propagan.da against Paksitan. Follow them on their social networking sites pages and show them their true face and cut the illuminating tails of these moles. Here are the loosers who are the members of SAFMA: 1. I A...
  6. U

    why are the liberal journalists so much against imran khan . . . .

    when i pick up english newspaper specially tribune and dawn i find the articles specially of left wingers insulting for imran khan . . and then when we see on TV guys like najam sethi and nusrat javaid which we know are liberals always bash imran khan . . . can someone reply me why they do so...
  7. mohib

    Female Journalists Humiliated By Isreli PM's guards - Israel PM guards tell women reporters to remo

    Foreign journalists on Friday spoke of their distress after being asked to remove their bras for a security check before being allowed into the offices of Israel's prime minister. The three women were told by security personnel to undress and take off their bras for x-ray in two separate...
  8. H

    Pakistani Journalists and Imran Khan

    Since Imran Khan's Dharna in Peshawar I have a feeling that Journalists specially Talat Hussain and Kashif Abbasi (who were quite supportive to Imran) suddenly started giving cold shoulder to him. My question to all my friends in this forum is are they doing it because a) They are disappointed...
  9. shaheer

    Please help, need contact number of some journalists

    i need direct contact number of any of these if some one can help i would b thankful.haroon rasheed,moeed peerzada,dr shahid masood,javed chaudhary,kashif abbasi,hamid mir,junaid saleem/sohail ahmed. thanz
  10. Geek

    PTI participation in journalists dharna

  11. Aaj Ki Khabar

    Aaj Ki Khabar - 16th June 2011 - Shaikh Rohail Asghar - Journalists at The Door Of Supreme Court

  12. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 16th June 2011 - Khawaja Saad Rafiq - Sit-in by Journalists succeeded or One more Dec

  13. Bilal_Mushi

    Demand accepted; journalists announce to end sit-in

    Demand accepted; journalists announce to end sit-in Updated on: Thursday, June 16, 2011 3:57:27 AM Staff Report ISLAMABAD: Journalists announced to put to an end to their sit-in, as government capitulated to their demand by announcing to institute an independent commission to probe the...
  14. News Watch

    News Watch - 15th June 2011 - Hamid Mir & Talat Hussain - Journalists' Protest & Somali pirates leav

  15. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 14th June 2011 - zafar Ali Shah & Azam Swati - Journalists in Search of Just

  16. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 4th June 2011 - Hamid Mir, Dr Moeed Peerzada & Haroon Rasheed - Why are The Journa

  17. Reporter

    Reporter - 27th April 2011 - Syed Talat Hussain - Journalists Tortured By Bank Staff

  18. T

    why not ghareeb mochi gets 3 plots- why powerful journalists only gets ?

    agut hazum na ho tou delete kur dou is thread ko.. jub hum bolay ga tou bolob gay kay bolta hai...
  19. Bilal_Mushi

    Pakistani Journalists Living in Government Houses (Must Watch)

    Excellent Program !!!! This guy is brave !!!! Even people like Zaid Hamid and Haroon Rashid are quite when it comes to name corrupt journalists. Long story short...............nobody is denying..........everybody is justifying their corruption by finger-pointing at others.
  20. Apna Gareban

    Apna Gareban - 9th April 2011 - Supreme Court Orders Journalists to Pay for the Free Hajj