1. zinh

    Japanese Politician Cries out of shame for spending $30,000 of Public Money for his trips

    And then we wonder why Pakistan what it is today. People have lost their sense shame. These godless people halfway across the world act much more God fearing than those who start every speech with bismillah. Not just politicians even small scale workers who will ask the dealer to make a larger...
  2. A

    جنگی جنون میں مبتلا بھارت کا دفاعی بجٹ 66 ارب ڈالر تک پہنچ گیا

    نئی دہلی: بھارت عسکری طاقت بڑھانے والا دنیا کا چوتھا بڑا ملک بن گیا ہے جس کا دفاعی بجٹ 66 ارب ڈالر تک پہنچ گیا ہے۔ اسٹاک ہوم ریسرچ انسٹیٹیوٹ کے مطابق بھارت نے اپنے دفاعی بجٹ میں 3.1 فیصد اضافہ کیا ہے جس کے بعد اس کا دفاعی بجٹ 66 ارب ڈالر تک ہوگیا ہے۔ انسٹیٹیوٹ کے مطابق بھارت عسکری طاقت...
  3. A

    افغان فوج کی سرحدی چوکی پر طالبان کے حملے میں 20 فوجی ہلاک

    کابل: افغانستان کے مختلف علاقوں میں طالبان کے حملوں میں 20 سیکیورٹی اہلکار ہلاک اور متعدد زخمی ہوگئے۔ افغانستان میں موسم گرما کے آغاز کے ساتھ ہی طالبان کے حملوں میں اضافہ ہوگیا ہے۔ رات گئے صوبہ قندھار افغان فوج کی سرحدی چوکی پر طالبان کے حملے میں 20 فوجی ہلاک اور 8 لاپتہ ہوگئے۔ افغان حکام کے...
  4. A

    Iranian Leaders Chant 'Death to America' in Iranian Parliament

  5. A

    Double blast kills three people, injures 20 in Afghanistan’s Jalalabad

    JALALABAD: Twin explosions on Saturday in the eastern Afghanistan city of Jalalabad killed three people and injured 20 others, local officials said. One child and two women were killed, said Mohammad Shoieb Sahak, deputy head of Nangarhar Regional Hospital. Eight security forces were among...
  6. A

    EU rejects Trump's move to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

  7. O

    Pakistani Student in Jeddah won 25000 Rial in Quran Competition in KAU

  8. Skeptic

    Open lie of MQM regarding the address of MQM's International Secretariat

    MQM lie about the address of International Sectt in press conference MQM has lied in press conference that the address mentioned at the letter written by Altaf Hussain to Mr. Tony Blair is wrong. May be address now changed but it was at that time. Every body is requested to public it as much as...
  9. Nawazish

    Turkey decides to challenge the Gaza blockade at International Court of Justice

    Turkey to challenge Gaza blockade at International Court of JusticeTurkish announcement appears to rebuff attempts by UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon to end its row with Israel Turkey's foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Ankara would challenge the Gaza blockade at the International Court...
  10. Keepinformed

    How many NON MiddleEastern International Airlines Operate Out of Pakistan?

    I was wondering how many NON Middle Eastern International Airlines (eithaad, emirates, gulf, oman etc) operate out of Pakistan? I heard British Airways stopped flying to Pakistan. Are there any other that others in this forum know or have flown with? Thanks
  11. Adeel

    [HD] 2011 Dubai International Quran Competition

    More can be viewed here:
  12. L

    DSP Shahzadi Gulfam (Pakistan) serving in the UN International Female Police Received Peacekeeper Aw

    Deputy Superintendent Shahzadi Gulfam (Pakistan) serving in the United Nations Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT). Deputy Superintendent Shahzadi Gulfam. Assisting the VulnerableThe United Nations Police Division in the Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions (OROLSI), Department of...
  13. Wadaich

    Indian Army's War Crimes in Occupied Kashmir - Live Shooting on an unarmed Innocent Kashmiri!

    Indian Army soldiers accompanied by a senior officer are shooting from point blank an unarmed man in Pulwama district on July 8, 2011. This is the clear evidence of the war crimes committed by Indian soldiers in Kashmir. An unarmed man is clearly seen waving his hand and he can be heard shouting...
  14. digitalzygot

    Israel's another International Gundagarde - Israel nabs al-Jazeera's Kabul bureau chief

    Israel has arrested the Palestinian head of Al-Jazeera's Kabul office, accusing him of belonging to Hamas and contacting its military wing, the channel's Jerusalem bureau chief says. Samer Allawi was arrested last Wednesday as he tried to cross to Jordan from the West Bank, where he had been...
  15. D

    6 jamaat islami students expelled from international islamic university islamabad for opposing music what a country:13:...students expelled from "islamic university " for opposing musical and dance night inside it....what a country
  16. Night_Hawk

    The cost of brinkmanship in international law

    The cost of brinkmanship in international law By Waris Husain | DAWN.COM (6 hours ago) Today Though the US has escaped international inspection on the Osama bin Laden raid, if a suit is filed against Pakistan, Pakistan can file a countersuit alleging a violation of its sovereignty through...
  17. Serving Islam

    Politics & International Relations by Hussain Mohi-ud-Din
  18. karachiwala

    International Footballers who converted/reverted to ISLAM

  19. Ghost Rider

    Pakistan's 50 years of International Peacekeeping

    Pakistan started its first UN Peacekeeping Mission in Congo with 400 soldiers. Since then, the country has been an integral part of the international organizations' peacekeeping operations around the world. Today, it is the leading troops contributor with more than 10,500 troops serving in...
  20. Abdali

    Predator Drones and the International Mafia .

    Pakistanis?? Amerika s killing fields in a nation of coward, generals on the pay roll of Pentagones. This article is taken from Foreign Policy journal.Arbitrary extrajudicial executions, carried out at the press of a button from CIA locations in California, with no transparency or...