1. ealtaf

    Islam The End Of History By ‪Sheikh Imran Hosein

    Islam and the End of History: Sheikh Imran Hosein Malaysia Lecture Tour. Released: April 30, 2011 Genres: Documentary History Islam http://youtu.be/9WioGPTPotQ
  2. A

    Secular Education - Sheikh Imran Hosein and Malaysian Ambassador

    Main Points Today's modern universities, Secular education, No response from Al-Azhar. Islamic response is still awaited. Comments on secular education by a Malysian Ambassadors. Islamic center of Learning in Oxford. Lols.....
  3. P

    Pakistan, China and Bin Ladin- Article Written by Imran N. Hosein in Kuala Lumpur

    The rich secularised westernized elite who control decision-making in Pakistans government as well as the Armed Forces have long looked down with disdain and contempt at scholars of Islam whom they scornfully dismiss as Mullahs! They control the Pakistani news media and use it to propagate and...
  4. biomat

    Maulana Imran Hosein 2011 2nd Retreat The Youths Of The Last Hour

  5. biomat

    Sheikh Imran Hosein at the International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

  6. biomat

    Sheikh Imran Hosein at Masjid Al Husna Malaysia - Dajjal and the Samawat

  7. BanneD

    Prediction of Revolution 2011 by Sheikh Imran Hosein revealed in 2003

    Prediction of Revolution 2011 by Sheikh Imran Hosein revealed in 2003 : This man is awesome..!! Anyone knows about Sheikh Imran Hosein ?? Where does he belong and who is he ?? Please after watching share these answers with me!!
  8. P

    IS IMAM AL-MAHDI ABOUT TO EMERGE? Written by Imran Nazar Hosein

    Friday, 05 Rabi'ul Akhir 1432 We have no doubt that certain members of the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam) will be blessed with true dreams and visions which will convey to them information concerning the End-Time advent of Imām al-Mahdi (alaihi al-Salām). Readers must...
  9. A

    The current Arab Revolutions (sponsered by Twitter and Facebook) depicted by Sheikh Imran Hosein in

    Note: The below lecture was filmed in 2003 under the topic of 'Beyond 9 11...' Main Topic: How can Israel wage a big war on Arab World, without appearing to be a Naked Agression? Key Points: 1. The so called 'Independent' Media and Twitter/Face-book Revolutions, is paving the way for Israel...