Maulana Imran Hosein 2011 2nd Retreat The Youths Of The Last Hour


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:jazak: Khair! In one of his lectures (Perhaps: Surah Al-Kahf And The Modern Age) he said that according to Allah (SWT) HE has put answer to all the questions till the final day of JUDGEMENT in Qura'an. But everybody cannot have those answers except whom Allah (SWT) wills and let him/her see through HIS (SWT) NOOR. It seems that he is one among those whom Allah (SWT) has blessed with the eye who can see with the help of Allah (SWT)'s NOOR. He is a real asset for believers to unveil the treachery of Zionists. You may have posted all these in any of your threads earlier on, but just for the information for anybody who may get benefit from it, I am posting only first part of all these topics, I feel it might one of the best efforts for youth:

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