1. M

    Question From a Die hard fan of Amir Liaquat

  2. J

    Hamid Mir:: A Die Hard Punjabi MQMer افتخار اکبر رندھاوا

    صرف یہ بیان پریس کانفرنس میں تم پڑھ دو کہ کراچی اسلحہ اسمگل الطاف حسین کے ہدایت پر کرتے ہو اور الطاف حسین کے کہنے پر قتل غارت کی وارداتیں بھی کرتے ہو- تو تم پر صرف معمولی سا مقدمہ درج ہوگا اور تمہاری ضمانت کروالی جائے گی افتخار اکبر رندھاوا
  3. jootaymaro

    Hard core PTI supporter Jumps off the plane with PTI flag

    PTI NY Secretary General Yasir Ali Raises PTI Flag Over 14000 Feet In The Sky New York- In an effort to inspire the youth, PTI New York Secretary General Yasir Ali skydived with the flag of Tehreek-e-Insaf from 14400 feet in the sky on Sunday July 24th, 2011. Yasir jumped at a time when...
  4. IndiaGuy

    US will press Pak as 'hard' as possible on terror: Hillary Clinton

    NEW DELHI: Admitting that counter-terrorism was "first and foremost" on its minds after last week's Mumbai bomb blasts, the US on Tuesday pledged "full" support to India's efforts to protect itself from terror attacks, and said it will pressPakistan as "hard" as it can on terror. After the...
  5. jootaymaro

    Its not hard to figure out who are the culprits of Karachi unrest.

  6. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Pakistanis dumped between hard rock and deep sea - Shaheen Sahbai's Comments about Forces Communique

  7. T

    Its hard to live without a woman but its very hard to live with a woman - A Pissed off Husband

  8. M Ali Khan

    Asma Jahangir Goes hard on Pak Army

    pehley dekho, phir bolna! aur jee haan yeh bhi aap jaisoun k liye hain ko har Pak Fauj ki badbakhti ka ilzaam CIA/RAW/Mosad/Qadiyani/Freemasons/Shia/TamilTigers/QabzaGroup par lagana chahtey hain!
  9. Raaz

    If Happened Again, We Will Hit Hard- Pakistan Foreign Secretary

    If Happened Again, We Will Hit Hard- Pakistan Foreign Secretary اب کے مار ایبٹ آباد آپریشن جیسا واقعہ پھر ہوا تو تباہ کن نتائج ہو سکتے ہیں: سلمان بشیر پاکستان کے سیکرٹری خارجہ سلمان بشیر نے کہا ہے کہ ایبٹ آباد میں امریکی آپریشن سے پہلے پاکستان کو اعتماد میں نہیں لیا گیا، ایسا واقعہ پھر ہوا...
  10. Wadaich

    Enlightened Fascists! Oh! Look What Muslims Did Hard To Swallow Truth for you

    Enlightened Fascists! Oh! Look What Muslims Did? Hard To Swallow Truth for you This video is posted just to show the true face of Enlightened Moderate Fascists belonging to the clan of "Hassan Nisar" and the other morally destitute supporters in connection thereof. Thank you...
  11. Geek

    Khawja Saad Rafique Goes Hard After Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto