1. famamdani

    How men talk to their wives..

  2. haqiqat

    MQM your bad days have started this guy will screw u very soon lets support this guy

  3. E

    Reporter recording program in the area during shooting by terrorists - Great respect for this guy

    With ANP terrorists shooting anything that moved in Orangi, this guy Irtiza was shooting a show there to highlight the problems faced by residents in Qasba Colony.
  4. S

    Bomb disposal guy escape blast A bomb disposal expert in Thailand has escaped unharmed after attempting to diffuse a car bomb as it exploded. Police in Narathiwat province found three home-made bombs in the abandoned car after receiving a...
  5. S

    Pakistani Guy on a bicycle tour from Germany to Pakistan

    Came across an interesting facebook page of this Pakistani guy "Kamran Ali" who is, at the moment, on a bike tour from Rostock, Germany to his hometown Layyah, Pakistan. Kamran is a PhD in Computer Science working in a software firm in Germany. His tour started on June 2, 2011 and right now...
  6. sarmad

    Mansour Bahrami - Tennis' greatest entertainer - What a guy LOL!

    This video made my day...really enjoyed it [hilar]
  7. mush_pride

    Pakistani guy at Harvard University got some Music talent

  8. hans

    Saudi Guy Missing Since This Interview!!

    Watch the Video and feel .... how lucky we are .. atlest we have to express our selves... or Press is Free, our TV is a point.... "Fear not the ant but what it can do". One day inshallah with Guidance of Allah SWT The Country of Hijjaz will be free. Ameen. Saudi...
  9. Adeel

    "Do not fix the semi final" : Rahman Malik - Does this guy ever think before he opens up his mouth?

    WHAT A MORON! Way to go Mr malik, you've really lifted team's morale. Doesnt this idiot know when to shut his trap? Lahore: Pakistan Interior Minister warns cricket team not to indulge in match-fixing. Rehman Malik told Shahid Afrid's men that any such allegations if any after the...
  10. haqiqat

    the guy who shot down the libyan fighter get

  11. sarmad

    This guy was held in a 6 x 8 container for 12 years, then suddenly let loose...

  12. foqia khan

    Funny And Interesting Video Clips Thread + Jokes and Funny SMS