1. L

    Ron Paul on US foreign policy

    Ronald Ernest "Ron" Paul (born August 20, 1935) is an Americann medical doctorr, author, and Republican U.S. Congressman for the 14th congressional district of Texas, which encompasses the area south and southwest of the Greater Houston region, including Galveston. Paul serves on the House...
  2. K

    Has U.S. Foreign Policy Ever Been Such a Mess?

    Multiple Wars are Symptoms of the Need to Escape the Quagmire of Empire By Kevin Zeese I can't remember a time when the U.S. military has been stuck in so many war quagmires at once. Libya seems destined to fail unless the U.S. gets a lucky shot and kills Gaddafi. U.S. militarists are openly...
  3. hans

    Gaddafi Ready To Go, Says French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe

    By ELAINE GANLEY, Associated Press PARIS (AP) France's foreign minister said Tuesday Paris has had contact with emissaries from Moammar Gadhafi who say the embattled Libyan strongman is "prepared to leave" power. It was not immediately clear whether such an offer is credible or...
  4. J

    India, Pakistan foreign secretaries meet for second day of talks

    On Thursday, the two sides, led by Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir and Ms Rao, tried to keep out negativity by feeding media with feel good phrases like substantive, cordial, forward looking, constructive. But it was quite obvious that they struggled to move forward by manoeuvring within a...
  5. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat - 23rd June 2011 - Hina Rabani Khar - Foreign Policy of Pakistan

  6. Bilal_Mushi

    Hina Rabbani Khar to be appointed Foreign Affairs Minister

    Hina Rabbani Khar to be appointed Foreign Affairs Minister The government has decided to appoint Hina Rabbani Khar as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. According to sources, the United States, India and all other countries with which Pakistan is holding talks have been informed about...
  7. L

    To neutralize Imran's growing popularity, Shahbaz Sharif announces to bring back his foreign assets.

    In an apparent effort to neutralize the growing popularity of cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan in Punjab, provincial chief minister Shahbaz Sharif has announced that he intends to bring back his foreign assets to Pakistan. "Chief minister Shahbaz Sharif has decided to transfer his foreign...
  8. hans

    War of the Worlds ..IMF Computer System Hit by Foreign Cyber-Attack

    The International Monetary Fund’s computer system was targeted by hackers, believed to be connected to a foreign government, who retrieved e-mails and other documents, according to a person familiar with the attack. The incident occurred before former Managing Director Dominique...
  9. KhanHaripur

    Foreign Media Responsible Too For Murder Of Pakistani Journalists

    Syed Saleem Shahzad will be forgotten after some time. His employer, Asia Times Online, will get the most out of publicity. And foreign news media will continue to push our young journalists into danger for dollars, fame and publicity. And thanks to Hillary Clinton for her statement, but it wont...
  10. biomat

    Foreign soldiers on ground in libya.. Still people think that libyan revolution is geniuine?

  11. Aaj Kamran Khan K Sath

    Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 17th May 2011 - Can We Live With out Foreign Aid ???

  12. A

    Excellent decision by Punjab Government - Punjab says no to foreign aid Government of Punjab decides not to rely on the foreign aid and instead to promote trade with the other countries GOOD SHERAAAA
  13. S

    Osama Bin Laden - A Terrorist or a Leader Fighting Against Foreign Oppression /Agression

    This video made me ponder over this question: Was he a terrorist or a person fighting against oppression and western domination. Let us flit all our stereotypes and have a debate what he represents Another version in Afghani Language I guess
  14. C

    Nawaz Sharif press conference : Agencies have nothing to do with foreign policy

    Nawaz Sharif sb is now on tv , press conferencing . Pak Army clearly accepted the internet fact that drones fly from shamsi air base (Example below ) Nawaz sb phir wohi third class baataen kr rahae haen...
  15. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Manila shrugging off foreign prophets of May 21 doomsday

    Manila shrugging off foreign prophets of May 21 doomsday May 12, 2011 at 12:35 Views (14675) | | 16 | | | ShareShare retweet Like By Roli Ng and Peter Blaza, Reuters MANILA - A U.S.-based Christian group took to the streets of Manila earlier this week to preach that the...
  16. S

    Another Tragedy: Abduction of 32 Pakistanis by US & silence of our Foreign Office

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum,
  17. Bilal_Mushi

    Breaking News : DG ISI goes on important foreign tour

    DG ISI goes on important foreign tour DG ISI has gone abroad on some very important visit, but the country of his visit is not known. His visit is said to be very important given the national and international scenario. On the other hand ISI has handed over the list of more than 300 CIA...
  18. Raaz

    If Happened Again, We Will Hit Hard- Pakistan Foreign Secretary

    If Happened Again, We Will Hit Hard- Pakistan Foreign Secretary اب کے مار ایبٹ آباد آپریشن جیسا واقعہ پھر ہوا تو تباہ کن نتائج ہو سکتے ہیں: سلمان بشیر پاکستان کے سیکرٹری خارجہ سلمان بشیر نے کہا ہے کہ ایبٹ آباد میں امریکی آپریشن سے پہلے پاکستان کو اعتماد میں نہیں لیا گیا، ایسا واقعہ پھر ہوا...
  19. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Pakistani Foreign Spokesman Statement - News Article Did America got permission for such operation? Whoever will take such action will never ask and get permission from Pakistani Authorities.
  20. gazoomartian

    US Foreign Policy Has Been Mostly Based on Lies for over 100 Years.

    Osama Bin Laden Reportedly Killed in Pakistan by James Buchanan A recent news article reports Osama bin Laden, the glowering mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that murdered thousands of Americans, was killed in an operation led by the United States, President Barack...

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