1. Khansaber

    Things to go wrong in Disaster

    70 Things That Can and Will Go Wrong in a Disaster Article written by state Police Lt. Dan Blackston, Police Department , 1. In an earthquake, there may be violent ground shaking; it will seem to last much longer than it actually does. 2. Fires will occur, caused by electrical shorts, natural...
  2. hawk eyed

    A little attention needed : Pakistan floods: One year on

    dont forget the flood victims while extracting zakat money from your accounts...they are homeless still n in desperate need of help from their brothers
  3. PkRevolution

    US secrets exposed. 2nd May Abottabad - Stealth or Haarp? Floods 2010? - This thread will change you

    Dear All, It took me many hours to translate this Video stuff from German to english. People who speak German can correct me if i did any mistake, i would appreciate it. I did this Video translation at my best. After Ahmadi Nijad's Statement 'Europe is stealing Iran's rain water' i was behind...
  4. QaiserMirza

    Reality of floods in Pakistan

    Reality of floods in Pakistan I was watching these youtube videos, felt interesting / knowledgeable and may be controversial too, these are posted here for members comments on this topic.
  5. M

    How are You Zardari?

    Well the President of Pakistan is no more in the lime light. This is my first article on the President of Pakistan. Sir, hope this critique finds you in the best of wellbeing; unfortunately I cannot regard this piece of writing as an epistle because Im pretty sure you wont read it nor people...
  6. P

    Which organization is helping in true manner the IDFs or flood affective people

    Pakistan is under swear floods, every body is trying to help the flood effected people, some are using this time take advantage of this situation and some are really helping the poor helpless people. The main objective of this thread is to give support to those , who are on ground and needs...
  7. Z

    Raw Footage of new Mass Evacuation Ordered in Pakistan owing to Floods

    Raw Footage of new Mass Evacuations ordered owing to Pakistan Floods: http://www.frequency.com/topic/pakistan-floods/70505
  8. Pragmatic

    Pakistani in Pakistan most endangered specie on Earth

    Everyone touched by the recent events in Pakistan especially Floods,Sialkot incident and target killings.I believe this is the best time we can have to use these emotions for revolution. I wrote few lines اور پھر الزام سب مشیت ایزدی پی ڈال دو جب چاہو تو ان ہاریوں کا پانی روک لو جب چاہو تو ان...
  9. Z

    Pakistan Flood Video

    Hello, I work for a real-time internet video network that just launched and we've been compiling video on the situation in Pakistan. http://www.frequency.com/topic/pakistan-floods/70505 Please view and feel free to share. The topic (and video) will be updated daily. If there are any video...
  10. foqia khan

    Funny And Interesting Video Clips Thread + Jokes and Funny SMS