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Dear All,

It took me many hours to translate this Video stuff from German to english. People who speak German can correct me if i did any mistake, i would appreciate it. I did this Video translation at my best.

After Ahmadi Nijad's Statement 'Europe is stealing Iran's rain water' i was behind this topic to find out what Nijad is talking about.

Few days ago we have discussed Haarp on this Forum. Haarp is much more than we think about it.

I had many open questions which are answered after watching this Video clip. It is scientific based programm of German TV Channel. Which was telecasted in year 2008.

Good information for Pakistan defence Forces.

I find it very informative and would like to share with all Pakistanis this Video. At the beginn of translated Text i put the time of Video scenes playing on.

Before we go watching Video some important Information to understand: Ionosphere




Best way to watch: you open video in a separate window (youtube) and scroll text in current window.

Google translate used for english language.

Here you go (Video): (Welt der Wunder) (World of wonder) :

00:13 US project Haarp sound very mysterious. Haarp is a monitoring (measuring) station, which is located in Alaska.Official purpose: the upper Atmosphere should be researched. Einvironmentalist and conspiracy theory freak reject only this purpose behind it. They suspect behind HAARP something completely different.

00:36 (Video Time)

US officers on the way to a secret meeting


Their Topic Haarp

00:44 A secret Project of US Military

00:47 In this procedure, strong radio waves are sent into Ionosphere the protective mantle of the earth

00:51 allegedlyfor research purposes

00:54 A research which plays with health and lives of human. Critics

01:05 Radio waves could make holes (puncture) Ionosphere.

1:07 then the dangerous cosmic radiation reaches the Earth.


01:09 Humans should actually protect them from cosmic radiation with special clothes.

1:16 furtherhoror scenarios : climate disasters and the displacement of the magnetic poles

That results volcaniceruptions, earthquake and avalanches

And this is even worse: the military could use the radiation to make targeted influence on human thoughts and their actions.

01:46 Perhaps alleged research program is also used to develop new types of weapons

01:50 all just weird conspiracy theories??? What is really behind HAARP???

01:57 In the north of Alaska near small town Gakona the mysterious Haarp (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is located.


180 Antena’s each 24m high send radio waves to ionosphere.

02:30 It officially serves US Navy to remain in radio contact with the submerged submarines.

02:44 Radiation that antennas emit are reflected from the ionosphere and penetrate deep into the sea

02:50 With conventional technology is not possible

02: 53 With HAARP, the military could hold each time the connection

02: 56 incase of war, a great strategic advantage

03:06 Moreover, can also disrupt radio communications of the enemy or completely prevent. A further advantage.

03:19 The ionosphere is a layer of electrically charged particles. It covers earth at the height of 60 to100 km.

03:27 together with magnetic field it acts like a protective shield, which prevents cosmic and solar radiation.

special about the Ionosphere, it reflects radio waves which overcome the curvature of the earth

03:46 that is the basis of the global radio communications which takes place above the Ionosphere.

03:53 As a result of the extremely powerful radio waves of the HAARP project, the layer is heated. It expands. Thus, long-term basis, the holes. Similar as Ozone Hole.

04:05 Therefore, the fears of the critics, that then freely cosmic radiation strikes the earth and creats risks for people.

04.10 Allegations that the U.S.military has returned

04:19 our critics have expressed about the problems that HAARP allegedly causes.

04:25 Every body is welcome to visit our place.

04:30 theycan come over with independent experts and see what we are doing here. We have absolut nothing to hide.

04:43 Dr. Beverly Rubik (Biophysician)
We should encourage people from all scientific areas to explore the potential and consequences of this technology.

04:51 We did not know the impact. I don’t think that we should make such experiences blindly.

04:56 there would be no one to keep a gun to the head to see what happens

05:01 Croatian scientist Nikola Tesla created the basis of the HAARP technology at very beginn of 20 century. He was involved in the invention of the alternating current

05:16 In 1901 he built in American long Iceland a special tower. It should send and receive signals

05:27 Tesla was looking for a layer in the atmosphere which reflects these signals.
05:35 his great vision, it was hundreds of such towers to build
they should deliver machines with energy

05:39 Tesla believed he could use ionosphere for saving energy

almost a century later, U.S. scientists build on this knowledge.

05:53Meanwhile, scientists know that is Ionosphere is very capable for wireless transmission of signals

06:05 one of those scientists who are concerned with Ionosphere is plasma physicist Bernard Eastlund. He developed many patents for haarp

06:17 one of them with the aim to manipulate the weather

06:29 Studying the weather is ok for a scientist but ti change the weather or manipulation is a bit dangerous. I had in mind when I drafted the patent (Bernard eastlund). but I did it all for a chance to explore the weather to better. Maybe in the future it possible for the mankind to change the weather.

06:56 With Haarp Americans have the technology to influence the weather. But nobody can confirm if it is also in use.

07:06 Scientists and critics of conspiracy theories see a clear link between the natural disasters in recent years and haarp antenna.

07:25 Rich Garcia (HAARP Press): It is pointless to exaggerate haarp.
It iused for research and thats all.

07:33 it's reallythe wholetruth, manycriticsdoubt

07:41 The HAARP facility is located in Alska near the north pole. and exactly there where the magnetic lines are very close to eachother.

07:48 The presumption is the magnetic field can be easily influenced there.

07:56 The scenario: Magnetic pole shift due to the massive radiation of the antennas

08:04 Some scientists feard is a strous consequences

08:08 the nature could completely go crazy
08:31 disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides would increase dramatically. But it is not all.


08:36 Researchers have long know that radiation can also affect humans.
The human brain is a huge control room with more than 100 billion nerve cells.

08:52 they communicate with each other via electrical impulses. The pulses have a very specific frequency. you can influence through targeted radiation.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan (physicist)

9:15 haarp can produce all possible frequencies. Signals can control human brains.
When these frequencies can produce in various combinations, can control all kinds of feelings. You can create joy. You can create sadness. You can create any desired mood. This all we can speculate but not confirm.

09:37 One should be clear : A research Programm with participation of Universities, US Navy, Air force and different weapon companies can not be only for civil purpose.

09.47 The presumption that they are working on modern war weapons is very close.

09:55 Rich Garcia (Haarp Press): Some critics believe that the HAARP is beginning of the new weapons system. This is not true.

What is fact? What is conspiracy. The truth is that since 2009 Haarp is working with full capacity.

10:13 military figures the performance with 3600KW. As much as 1000 television channel. critics fear it could be many times higher than that.

10:23 whatever is research in Alaska, HAARP is a distressed project, which we never know the whole truth.

10:38 further Antena systems with same function as the principle haarp exist in Scandinavia, Russia and Puerto Rico (Dominican Republic). And no body knows here if it is only for research purpose.

Pakistan Zinda Baad
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Re: US secrets exposed. This thread will change your mind. 02. Mai Abottabad- Stealth or Haarp? Floods 2010?

Thanks brother. This is all part of qyamah sign. Can anybody stop Americans from destroying the world and even themselves? NOT. When tsunami in Indonesia I was the first one in my family/friend circle to claim that it was due to some scientific venture, did not look natural disaster. Now hopefully those friends/family are thinking I am not a crazy old man after all.

I predict state dept would reply to your post: conspiracy theory (cry)
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Re: US secrets exposed. This thread will change your mind. 02. Mai Abottabad- Stealth or Haarp? Floods 2010?

We will create ''last & final disaster'' with our own hands. Occurance dont happen without any reason. Allah has marked every step and on its time with his plan, we happen to invent something.