1. H

    Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque Fire Burns at the Same Time As Flames Engulf Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque Fire Burns at the Same Time As Flames Engulf Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris A fire broke out at the revered Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem just as flames ravaged the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Footage showing smoke and fire emerging from the roof of a...
  2. mrcritic

    No salt in mutton dish, angry Indian man sets wife on fire

    GN: Patna: A man in Bihar set his young wife on fire merely because she forgot to add salt to a mutton dish she had cooked at home. The victim with severe burn injuries has been admitted to a local hospital for treatment even as police are conducting raids to arrest her absconding husband. The...
  3. mrcritic

    US lost eight jets in worst air loss in one day since Vietnam war!!

    RT:After Taliban gunmen destroyed eight Harrier jets at a US camp in Helmand Province, the US military has suffered its worst air loss in one day since the Vietnam War. The Taliban attacked Camp Bastion, the main strategic base in southwestern Afghanistan, on Sept. 14, causing $200 million in...
  4. Y

    Gya Dour e Sarmayadari Gya-Dikha kr tamsaha Madari gya (Imran Visits burnt factory and Talat Hussain
  5. A

    Teen So Sawal

    Teen So Sawal By: Taqveem Ahsan Siddiqui تین سو سوال تقویم احسن صدیقی Can also be viewed on my Blog: بھوک سے جان دیں،افلاس سے مریں ، سیلاب میں ، زلزلے میں ، دہشت گردی میں یا فکٹریوں میں جل کر مریں، ہم...
  6. Humi

    One Family Losing Their Home Every FOUR MINUTES In Texas Because Of Fire

    Mother Nature is paying a lot of attention to USA these days...
  7. R

    17 rockets fired in Angoor Adda from Afghanistan

    17 rockets fired in Angoor Adda from Afghanistan Aggression from Afghan side of the border Cross border continued on Sunday as 17 rockers were fired which landed in Angoor Adda area of South Waziristan Agency (SWA). According to security sources the rockets were fired from bordering areas of...
  8. biomat

    Into The Fire

    Press For Truth Presents Into The Fire World leaders and activists from around the world gathered for the G20 Summit. With over 19,000 police officers and security personnel on hand, the results lead to over 1100 arrests, martial law in downtown Toronto, and the most massive violation of...
  9. WatanDost

    Usa: Mother of atomic bomb under fire

    By RYAN OWENS June 29, 2011 The wildfire that surrounds the nuclear lab in Los Alamos, N.M., has grown to at least 61,000 acres amid mounting concerns about what might be in the smoke that's visible from space. Such fear has prompted the Environmental Protection Agency to bring in air...
  10. hroonj2k3

    Paltalk got in fire

    YES YES ....PALTALK:13: Its true, you will find thousands of Pakistani people there and they are just talking rubbish on each other, listening songs and waisting times with stupid girls. These chat rooms are full and i have never heard of talking any positive things and if you check the overall...
  11. biomat

    fire at an ammunition storage depot in Central Russia

  12. ahmadalikhan

    Fire in Geo News Room...! Hor karo Indian culture promote

    6th floor totally destroyed....Geo is giving news itself. Its disastrous. Head office of Geo in Karachi is on temporary transmission on GEO TV GEO WALE TAUBA KARAIN AB.
  13. karachiwala

    Feds probe Detroit mosque fire

    Oralandar Brand-Williams / The Detroit News Detroit Federal authorities are investigating today a recent fire at the Islamic Center mosque of North Detroit on the city's east side. An insurance investigator called in the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives after...
  14. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    In the line of fire

    In the line of fire Sunday Magazine Feature By Zarrar Khuhro Published: April 12, 2011 Muslimerican Islamophobia in the US seems to be higher now than at any time since 9/11, and seems to be moving from the fringe to the mainstream. After 9/11 there was still a reservoir of...
  15. haqiqat

    Racism in Israel - South Tel Aviv Is On Fire

  16. simple_and_peacefull

    On fire: 17-year-old record breaker is no flash in the pan

    (clap)(clap) By Nefer Sehgal Published: March 13, 2011 Jawwad Iqbal Gaba spun the non-stick 12-inch frying pan for 30 minutes and 34 seconds in front of his audience on Saturday. PHOTO: NEFER SEHGAL/EXPRESS KARACHI: Like a savvy basketball player, Jawwad Iqbal Gaba spun a 12-inch...
  17. foqia khan

    Funny And Interesting Video Clips Thread + Jokes and Funny SMS