1. C

    if zardari expose mqm ,can we forgive all his crime

    hello all members i like zardari new move to expose mqm real face to the whole world ,and i can forgive his all crime what he has done in the past if he white wash mqm what is ur view ??
  2. atensari

    Underworld Don Want To Expose All But Fears For His Life

  3. canadian

    Expose Bribe Takers !!!

    I have read that in Indian they have set up a website called ipaidabribe.com anyone who had to pay a bribe to get some work done is allowed to expose the bribe taker and narrate his experience with dates and timings, I feel it is a great idea, there are plenty of IT experts why not set up a...
  4. rising.pak

    Nawaz Sharif Expose Bhatta Mafia (MQM) of Karachi 16-May-2011

    ik Shakhs k Hathoo Muddat se Ruswa hai Watan Dunya Bhar main.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHyjVmUwoI8
  5. H

    Altaf Hussain's former Bodyguard Farid Khan expose him

    Altaf Hussain ke Body Guard Fareed Khan ke sansani khaiz Inkishaf Must read Part 1 http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Pz2KZx0jwXA/S2KQVrzBLOI/AAAAAAAABgo/_Xrk5ZHaZCs/s1600-h/Muhafiz+Fareed+Khan%27s+Interview_001-778303.jpg Part 2...
  6. Geek

    Star expose :- Indian umpire fixing matches