Star expose :- Indian umpire fixing matches


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Would like some reaction/comments from UNICORN or ZIONIST HINDU. They are both lightening fast digging up dirt on Pakistani players what do they have to say now. I know they will never turn up on this page as this is not what they are paid for - right:lol:


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what ever anyone says but one thing is very clear and open our eyes that pakistan should also do the same kind of sting operation to catch the culprits in every sector and deptt of the country. I would like to congratulate the "star tv" for taking such a nice and courageous step,well done.

Zionist Hindu

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These kind of corrupt umpires should have no place in cricket. Congratulation to star news for exposing them. These kind of sting operations are very useful in reducing corruption in sports.
Well you can bet your best dollar that you will not see any of the following on this page:
Well you can't see us because moderators keep us on queue to stop us from hurting people like you emotionally by writing bitter truth....


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I remember the the level of indian umpiring and it was horrible....Even England and all teams were complaining...

Then the idea of neutral umpire was brought in....

Even then , indias were the worst and they were not reliable....

Sorry Zionest Hindu......u could not do it....