1. M Ali Khan

    Controversies surround 2017 Census, esp in Balochistan

    A Dangerous Numbers Game By Adnan Aamir | Newsbeat National | Published 3 days ago Pakistan is scheduled to have its sixth population census after a gap of almost 19 years. This has engendered a sense of excitement in other parts of Pakistan, but in Balochistan the census issue can...
  2. A

    Preparing to count: House-listing was only mock census

    http://tribune.com.pk/story/164831/preparing-to-count-house-listing-was-only-mock-census/ By Gulraiz Khan Preparing to count: House-listing was only mock census ISLAMABAD: Over the last 30 days, around 50,000 government employees have visited over 30 million homes to note down the number of...
  3. PkRevolution

    MQM's Fraud Exposed: Majority in Karachi?? Mafia's census Fraud. How they govern. متحدہ کی مردم شم

    Criminals methods to rule on Major city. May Allah clean our country from all criminals in Pakistan.
  4. DashingPun

    6th Population and Housing Census Still not Completed

    19April Was Last Date To Complete It But It Is Extentended to 25april, Fake Voters are registered In Karachi by MQM
  5. crankthskunk

    Census: First step of Votes rigging by MQM

    It has started in earnest, the fraud, how the elections are won by MQM in Karachi and other Parts of Sind. No wonder the killing has increased with the start of the census, now the victims of census killings are included in the figures of people killed in targeted killings. MQM novel way...
  6. A

    Misconduct In Census in Karachi

  7. A

    Political Parties accused of interfering in Census Process

    http://www.weeklypulse.org/details.aspx?contentID=443&storylist=5 "Meanwhile sources have informed that MQM has started evolving its own strategy for carrying out a census in the City; for which committees were being formed on party level, unit level and sector level. These committees have...
  8. A

    Sindh people urged to get ready for census

    http://www.dawn.com/2011/03/14/sindh-people-urged-to-get-ready-for-census.html HYDERABAD, March 13: A conference held here on Sunday appealed to well-wishers of Sindh, political parties and civil society to ensure maximum participation of people in the coming house and population census...