1. M

    mazahiya kahani - Shadi or Break

  2. ActionPredictor

    Woman completes record-breaking swim to Golden Gate Bridge

    Woman completes record-breaking swim to Golden Gate Bridge Until now, only men had successfully made the swim The swim stretched 30 miles.
  3. Keepinformed

    My Assessment: ISI, Army Generals, PPP, PML, ANP, MQM are ALL trying to Break Pakistan!

    Abdul Maalik mentioned in Capital Talk tonight that Rehman Malik is considered to be working for MI5 at least the allegations are the same. Rehman Malik works for Zardari. This means both Zardari and Altaf want to break Pakistan. ISI and Army generals are not stupid. They know what is...
  4. Bilal_Mushi

    Com'on yaar give me a break : Imran Farhat once again back in Pakistan team

    Her jagga pay na_insaafee ka dour urooj pay hay aur awaam kisi zarooi kaam say saaw rahi hay.
  5. hawk eyed

    Dunya Ke Ae Musafir - Our ultimate end...take a break n think
  6. billo786

    Lets Break a Deal? Ahmad Quraishi

  7. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Actor Sachin gets tax break - Yahoo News

    Actor Sachin gets tax break Jun 06, 2011 at 07:28 Views (17629) | | 11 | | | Fleming, Vettori receive NZ civil honors Afridi's lawyer criticizes PCB committee Dilshan falls before rain ends play at Lord's By Kiran Tare, India Today, Yahoo! Sachin Tendulkar...
  8. D

    nationalist politicians want to break pakistan

    nationalist politicians want to break pakistan for their personal benefits...first they are crying for new provinces but you people will see that when new provinces are made not much time will pass and these provinces will become independent countries.same happened in old yugoslavia and in...
  9. biomat

    Iran claims to break CIA spy ring, arrests 30

    By wmw_admin on May 22, 2011 Borzou Daragahi Los Angeles Times May 22, 2011 Iran declared Saturday that it had uncovered and dismantled what it called a U.S. espionage and sabotage network and arrested 30 people allegedly spying for the CIA. Tehran claimed that it also had...
  10. ealtaf

    USA's rules for revolution: HOW TO BREAK A COUNTRY

    USA RULES FOR REVOLUTION. 1. corrupt the young; get them away from religion. get them interested in sex. make them superficial; destroy their ruggedness. 2. get control of all means of publicity, thereby: 3. get peoples minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics...
  11. mohib

    Former Israeli soldiers break the silence on military violations

    Testimonies posted on YouTube by campaign group describe routine harassment and humiliation of Palestinian civilians Campaign group Breaking the Silence has met with a hostile response from Israel, especially after it published testimony by soldiers who took part in the war on Gaza in...
  12. PkRevolution

    We are very clear on who the real enemy is Pakistan Army captain. Why Pakistan needs to break free o

    Dan Qayyum, Editor PKKH I remember meeting a young Pakistan Army captain early last year in Rawalpindi as he recovered from bullet wounds to his thigh. He was shot at during close combat while clearing a small town in South Waziristan. The man who opened fire on this soldier from close...
  13. Bilal_Mushi

    Taliban Jail Break in Afghanistan - Just like the movie 'The Great Escape'

    Hundreds escape Afghan jail via tunnel KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - More than 400 inmates many of them Taliban insurgents escaped from the main prison in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar overnight through a tunnel, an official said Monday. The massive jailbreak in Kandahar, the...
  14. D

    New provinces are needed in Sindh: Shahbaz Sharif - PPP. MQM, Q League, ANP all want to break Punjab

    read the two above news! mqm says that we only want to break punjab!but we love sindh so we would never let anyone break sindh! why punjabis are so baighairat that they still let mqm do jalsa in lahore?have they no honour left? also i hate ppp,mqm and q league,anp,all these parties in jealousy...
  15. gazoomartian

    West can break the UN law and get away with it

    Libya: The Law is Clear - It is Illegal to Arm the "Rebels" By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Under the UN Charter and Resolutions 1970 and 1973 it would be illegal for any entity to arm the "rebels" in Libya and in so doing, this would constitute a breach of international law, leaving the...
  16. T

    Kya America bhi Soviet Union ki Tarah Toot jaye ga? کیا امریکا بھی ٹوٹ جائے گا؟

    Kya America bhi Soviet Union ki Tarah Toot jaye ga?