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    Ashfaq Ahmed a lesson for life.
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    Vision of Great Ashfaq saab


    " DUA " By Baba Ashfaq Ahmed ..You will stop to take Breath while reading this beautiful Article

    DUA By Baba Ashfaq Ahmed ..You will stop to take Breath while reading this beautiful Article
  4. Bilal_Mushi

    A question to the supporters of General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani

    WHAT WAS HE DOING IN THAT MEETING ? Chuadhris sought army’s support to bar Zardari’s advance WikiLeaks divulged that Chuadhris sought army’s opposition for Zardari’s presidential candidature. A cable sent to Washington by the US ambassador from Islamabad on August 16, 2008 revealed...
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    Imran Khan narrating Ashfaq Ahmed

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    How Pakistan became Nuclear Power - Ashfaq Ahmed

    Small effort towards betterment ....... we have to change our thinking ....
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    Gen. Ashfaq Kiyani's Personality...A Study...(Irshad Ahmad Haqani Article)

    Irshad Ahmad Haqqani was a very senior columnist of Jang. died in 24 January 2010, He wrote a column on his meeting with Gen. Ashfaq pervez Kiyani. Its a worth reading column. and this column became little controversial when judges restored on order of Kiyani. Irshad Haqani was the best...
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    Abbottabad operation misreported: Gen. Ashfaq Pavez Kayani

    Abbottabad operation misreported: COAS Nation needs to be taken into confidence by elected representatives, says the army chief. Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) Gen. Ashfaq Pavez Kayani said that Abbottabad operation was misreported and speculations were spread due to incomplete information...
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    Bhoot Nikala by ASHFAQ SAHAB

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    Zavia - Ashfaq Ahmed

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    Sawal Ye hai - 29th April 2011 - Ch Ahmad Ali & Dr Ashfaq Hassan - Slow Economic Growth is Going Tow

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    Dr. Tahir ul Qadri's threads collections

    Islam is all about peace, harmony, interfaith dialogue and human rights: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri (Interview with ARY OneWorld) Host Question 1 Host Question 2 Host Question 3 Host Question 4 Host Question 5 [/youtube]