anti pakistan

  1. P

    "Hum Ghaddar nahi Dissent is Patriotic"

    Ahmad Noorani and his Phatwaree brigade constantly claim that they are patriotic to Pakistan and their dissent is wrongly labelled by Malshi Palshi trolls as Ghaddar whose masters do not fight for Kashmir. And now this b@stard is opposing Pakistan and PTA's stance on Pakistani account blocking...
  2. Wadaich

    It was NOT 100 Years Convention but a Meeting of all Anti-Pakistan Khawarij of Subcontinent to Coord

  3. Wadaich

    This is Doval doctrine against Pak: Ulama-e-Deoband Burning Pak Flag Pakistan & Chanting Slogan Agai

    Innalillahe inna Ilehe rajeoon..... Every Muslim who calls himself Deobandi must STOP calling himself Deobandi now...You cannot associate yourself with this group which is burning Pakistan flag, supporting Hindu Mushriks, attacking Pakistan and destroying the Ummah of Rasul Allah (sm). This is...
  4. Wadaich

    ہندو کی جلتی دھوتی اور پاکستان مخالف نعرے

  5. crankthskunk

    KD can only be built after break up of Pakistan: with Traitors like this Pakistan do not need Enemie

    Bloor says, two very controversial things before his departure to India, after India yatra of his Party Chief AW. First he said, to build Kala Bagh Dam Pakistan has to be broken, it is not possible in the current boundaries of Pakistan. I am sure he is fine with Indians building dams on all...
  6. M

    Dawn, A Newspaper That Is Devoted Against Everything That Is That Is At The Heart And Core Of Mainst

    Dawn is the most anti Pakistan newspaper operating in the country. It is anti everything that is real and mainstream Pakistani. I can not imagine of any country in the world, particularly the United States where a newspaper with everything mainstream American would be allowed to even exist...