1. ArtistSajid

    شراب شباب اور ن لیگ

    شراب شباب اور ن لیگ تو چولی دامن کا ساتھ ہے یہ دیکھئے صرف ایک ٹریلر، اس میں بہت کچھ شامل نہیں ہے فلم تو بہت لمبی ہے، لیکن کبھی کوئی دانشور صحافی اس پر نہیں بولا
  2. M

    Whats Happening to Pakistan - What is Our Media Showing Nowadays

    I Believe this is happening in Lahore Man And Women Are too High to speak..and our Own Pakistani Channel style 360 is promoting this.what is the message being given in this video :( Part 1 : 3340037 Part 2 : 3340036
  3. D

    wah muslim league wah.muslim leagui multan mpa,s father caught with girl and alcohol
  4. mrcritic

    ATIQA ODHO - Crazy Liberal - Justifying Alcohol

  5. atensari

    Canadian diplomats in Kabul kept embassy bar well stocked

    Canadian diplomats in Kabul kept embassy bar well stocked: documents OTTAWA - Canada's diplomatic corps in Kabul did not go thirsty. Hospitality forms show embassy staff and dignitaries...
  6. A

    Election Commission registers Musharraf's APML
  7. D

    VIP dance party with alcohol broken up in defense lahore,brother in law of ahsan iqbal held

    VIP dance party broken up the Nation,July 18,2011. LAHORE – The Defence police arrested 12 persons along with the brother-in-law of PML-N’s central leader Ahsan Iqbal in a raid on a dance party in DHA’s GG Block. Imran, the brother-in-law of Ahsan Iqbal and several others present at the...