1. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 6th September 2011 - Gen. Abdul Qayyum & Gen. Talat Masood -What Is The Biggest Thre

  2. Front Line

    Front Line - 6th Sep 2011 - Marvi Sarmad & Mufti Abdul Qavi - Personal Freedom, State and Religion

  3. Islamabad Tonight

    Islamabad Tonight - 5th September 2011 - Asma Arbab Alamgir & Abdul Mujeeb - Now Lashker Raisani's T

  4. Amna_Amo

    Shame on you my Brothers (Invading others privacy Online on social media)

    Invading others privacy Online on social media
  5. In Session

    Insession - 4th September 2011 - Mufti Abdul qavi, Samia Khan - To Know About Fortune is Halal or Ha

  6. H

    Umar Akmal to marry Abdul Qadir's daughter!!

    Dunya News reporting it. Qadir confirmed it.......
  7. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 28th August 2011 - Zulfiqar Mirza, Hassan Nisar, Ansar Abbasi & Abdul Malik(Must Must

    Complete http://media15.justin.tv/archives/2011-8-28/live_user_dayan0070_1314554533.flv In Parts Watch this too...recommended.
  8. Lekin

    Lekin - 24th August 2011 - Shahi Syed, Abdul Qadir Baloch

  9. crankthskunk

    MQM attacked the Police Bus: DAWN NEWS

    MQM and Altaf Hussain dramas are never ending. He announced strike today, but failed to mention it is his goons who attacked and killed the Policemen in the Bus. Now Dawn News is breaking the NEWS, which was available from yesterday, but apart from "Jisarat" and " Ummat no other newspaper...
  10. P

    Jama'at-e-Islami Ka Karachi - Abdul Qadir Hassan

  11. K

    Kon Sa Youm-e-Azadi by Abdul Qadir Hassan Urdu Column

  12. ahmadalikhan

    Gandi Siasat - Nakaam Hukumat...Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan

  13. canadian

    Ab To Tawaif Bhi Khalis Nahi By Abdul Qadir Hassan.

  14. Serving Islam

    Karamat of Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Jilani endorsed by Sheikh Ibn e Tamiya

    Karamat of Ghous-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WK9iX-tgzo&feature=feedlik
  15. H

    "Tablighi Jamaat center breeding ground for extremists"- Rehman Malik

  16. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 27th July 2011 - Dr Khalid Zaheer & Mufti Abdul Qadir - Azab e Qabar----- What Is Reali

  17. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 26th July 2011 - Dr. Khalid Zaheer, Mulana Abdul Qavi, Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer - Qi

  18. Aaj Ki Khabar

    Aaj Ki Khabar - 25th July 2011 - Abdul Rasheed Godil - Politics On Dead Bodies

  19. PAINDO

    کیا یہ لوگ عالم دین ہیں؟ - Sarwat Ijaz Qadri Vs Mufti Abdul Qawi -Calling munafiq to each other on a

  20. H

    New Political party by Dr Abdul Qadir Khan

    PTI chairman approached Dr A Q Khan with request to join PTI but Dr Khan showed no interest but instead wrote a column in Jang saying that no existing part or leader can bring Pak out of crisis so youth should come forward for change in Pak. Dr A Q Khan has asked youth of Pak to unite under...