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  • Miss Calls !!!

    Among the marvels of modern technology is also the ability to track the missed calls which were made by our friends and foes and the likes. We do not get a good night's sleep, unless we have returned the calls of those who matter.
    But how about the calls of HAY-YAA AL-AS-SALAAH (come to Prayer) and HAY-YAA AL-AL FALAH (come to Success).Those calls are made Five times a day and many a times they all go unanswered. We do not either respond!Can we afford to let these calls of the Caller be missed.
    The call from our CHERISHER, SUSTAINER and THE ULTIMATE MASTER. Just think about it. Next time one hears this call, just ask yourself how good a night's sleep can I have by missing those calls from the house of ALLAH.
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