US and UN in hopes of a Imran-Modi meeting at the UNGA: Sources

Khalil Ibrahim

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NEW YORK: Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan may meet the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the United Nations General Assembly, ARY News reported on Saturday.

Sources privy to the matter disclosed that America and the United Nations (UN) both wanted the leaders of their respective countries to meet during the scheduled session. Upon arrival, he was received by Pakistan’s permanent representative to UN Maleeha Lodhi, the Pakistan Ambassador to the US and other senior officials.
Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Adviser on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, and Special Assistant on Overseas Pakistanis Zulfikar Bukhari are accompanying Prime Minister Khan on the visit.

The premier will lead the Pakistan delegation at the UN General Assembly session in New York from September 21-27. He will hold several bilateral meetings with his counterparts from various regions and participate in high-level UN summits on climate change, sustainable development, universal health coverage and financing for development.

The PM will also attend and speak at high-level side events co-hosted by Pakistan and Turkey on countering hate speech and environmental protection and poverty alleviation co-hosted by Malaysia and Pakistan.

A trilateral summit meeting of Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey will be held on the General Assembly sidelines.


Nadir Bashir

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No need to meet with Modi. Only if india agrees to withdraw its forces from Kashmir.
All forces from major population centres shall be withdrawn. Only a meeting shall be agreed on national security advisor level after indian forces are withdrawn from major population centres.
Pakistan shall come out of Shimla Agreement since its not valid anymore.

At least in Pakistan, major civil defence war excercises shall be carried out. Our message of just only talking will not give any results. There shall be something on ground.

If we want to liberate Kasmir, then a war of at least one year shall be planned.


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IK won’t let fascist modi off the hook, currently modi is asking others to suggest Khan to take it easy on him, just in case, if Khan meet-up with this “raksish”, all of the efforts will be wasted.
Just keep throwing bouncers at him, and keep exposing him to world.


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Modi is a fascist and Hindu terrorist.He was behind the massacre of 2000 Muslims in Gujarat. If IK meets this murderer then it will be a betrayal of Kashmiris and those who were killed by him in Gujrat.


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great blunder if IK meets with modi until unless he removed curfew and back 370 i know people trying but he has to use his mind modi will show he is very peaceful person in front of world
don't trust modi
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