Uri & Pulwama attacks were a set up plan by BJP to gain political mileage according to this Overseas Indian


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Those who think that this is a fake video, should consider the nature of Indians, its media, the war hysteria, why this man would risk his life to fool people!!
You think that the video is fake because the voice of the woman is conceal using some software, probably to hide her identity.
Well, Pakistan should explore it, I have already shared it on my twitter account. We all should do that. This man doesn't look like he is kidding. Why would he!!!


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A few hours ago an Indian named “Avi Dandiya” who’s not living in India currently, came live on Facebook and shared a voice recording.

In that recording he claims that two famous BJP politicians “Rajnath Singh” and “Amit Shah” in a conference call asked for Pulwama attack for their upcoming election win.

Not only Pulwama but also he proved BJP as a culprit behind uri incident. In that voice recording these politicians asked for Pulwama attack from a lady(We don’t know who she is), and asked to kill 50 to 100 Indian army soldiers and she agreed in return of money.

You can watch the whole video below:


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I heard some of the "recording" TBH honest sound fake. There is a difference of quality and amplitude and even tone between each voice. Seems like a speech or interview has been edited and spliced in with new audio of the woman. Doesn't seem right, even the discussion is seems vague.

I dunno just saying. I don't want to be like the Indian media anchors and start jumping down on everything as "proof" without at least first satisfying myself at least.

This person should release a proper recording of this, right now he is playing it back of a mobile which have crap speakers anyway and then recording it over the air on to another mobile which doesn't have a good mic.

Shoudl upload the audio directly so everyone can judge for themselves.


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He said he has some sort of video too, so let's see if this is all fake or real.
But if this is true then not only Modi is huge trouble (302 murder case) but the State of India will be in deep shit on international level (declared terrorist state, sanctions etc.).
Banta to kuch aisa he hai
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