Transaction of billions from accounts of Shehbaz Sharif's servants

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I had been watching some videos on youtube from UK border force operations on SKY TV.
On little discrepancies in their accounts, the office take all kind of immediate actions, which includes, deportation, arrest in case of drugs and any fake documents. They were even inquiring on people's incomes if they are carrying excessive cash when leaving the UK.
Checking with the tax department on the phone how much income a person has declared, which can justify them having the cash on them. Every kind of inquiries and immediate actions even for few thousand pounds.

Here these corrupt Butt brothers for years have not been able to justify their incomes matching with their expenses, failed to provide any evidence of their supposed wealth. But strangely instead of taking immediate actions to jail these corrupt thugs, CJ was asking from Nawaz Butt what he would like the court to do as 3 times PM and 2 Times CM. WTFFFFFFFFFFF!!!


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How Shahabaz is history when he is today free from NAB? Can anyone explain logic?
Listen idiot WANKER.. Syphilis Shareef and his reign of RAPE is OVER in PUNJAB and entire Pakistan.

NAB has stopped all criminal activities of GUTTER LOHAAR TRAITOR family of prostitutes.

He is BACK to his last and final resting place ADIALA.

These bastards are history.


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How Shahabaz is history when he is today free from NAB? Can anyone explain logic?
I agree with you. If NAB failed to prove his wrongdoing then law will take it's course. This Ganjja will get bail based on his health issue or claiming his innocence. Noon aur Ganja kaa harami bacha is PUNJAB NAB.
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