Siddique Jaan SHARES PM Imran Khan's REMARKABLE decision after NAB's poor performance


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Alhamdolillah pakistan kaa adalti nizam bach gaya aur aik gushti zada laanti twaif nasal corruption kaa dalla apni dalla geeri saay judicial system ko naapaak krnaay wala ghaleez treeen h...mi ki nahoost aur ghalazat saay adaltain bach gain iss h...m zaday beghrt corruption ke dallay ke khilaf supreme judicial counsil mai case bhi bnn krr iss h...m zaday kaa monh kaala hona chahiay iss twaif zaday naay lohaar high court ko brothel bnayaa huwa hai


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Zindaa Baad Supreme Court of Pakistan well donee afreen hai Supreme Court prr jiss nay aik gushti zaday ki ghalazatt saay Supreme Court Of Pakistan ko bachaa liyaa


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Siddique Jan I miss you on chair buddy. Your own videos are much better than having someone else for asking questions from you.
In 2nd last video a guy was asking questions and now this beautiful sister honestly, your own videos sitting on simple chair are much more effective.
Great work though no doubt, much better then so called famous anchors.


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InSha Allah laikin iss gushti zaday sardar chhemaay k...r aur corruption ke dallay prr case kbb chalay gaa Super judicial counsel mai iss kaa monh kaala hona chahi a


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siddique jan talks the same in his individual vidoes and when he gives interviews. A reporter through and through


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She is too confused and jittery that's why she is fidgeting her hands and moving around. She will be more confident with experience.Until then people will troll her and they have a right to. So a**hole who is trying to promote her as well as behaving like a stinky butt to people criticising her, can go finger himself all he wants.
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لاہور ھائی کورٹ ٹو سپریم کورٹ ایڈوكیٹ جنرل پنجاب عدالت كاروائی كا باٸیكاٹ كرتےکہا کہ ہمیں آپ پراعتماد نہیں ہمیں نوٹس دیے بغیر فیصلہ نہیں دیا جا سكتا عدالت نے اونچی آواز میں بولنے پر وکیل کو جسٹس شہزاد نے کہا کہ اپنی آواز نیچی کریں ہمیں پریشراٸز نہ كریں ہم پریشر میں نہیں آٸیں گے
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