Shehbaz Sharif directs lawyers to start legal action against Daily Mail


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Bet they are looking for a justice Qayum in some UK court now! 😆 🤣 😆 🤣
you can get million corrupt judges in uk. they will do anything for money. Even 10 year old kids are taking long knives to the school. angraiz is the mother of corrupts

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bollox believe it when it happens............

not when its just a piece of bullshit
These kind of statements are just made for consumption for dumb patwaris like Tyrians mamoon and Raja Chawal 420 type of people. You think they are stupid to go sue them. Agar itnay hi pannay khan the. They would have sued at least 2 dozen times 3 dozen papers and journalists over the years who have done stories on their corruptions.

How many actual law suits filed by the haramkhor sharifs till date. A big fat 0

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Jo bhi hai nawaz will be out soon
Don't hold your breath!

I bet you that
Done Done Done! Open challenge Lay down your terms whatever they maybe. My only condition is bail does not count and neither does a plea bargain deal. Conviction has to be overturned and Haramkhor sharif exonerated and freed.

If you lose you, you will publicly admit that Nawaz Sharif is corrupt and he has stolen money from the nation of Pakistan and its people and never post anything in favour of Nawaz Sharif again.

Name your terms and time limit as to when this will happen
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