Nawaz Sharif's bail petition on medical ground rejected by IHC


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bolo bolo kuch to bolo
shame on the pakistani media who keeps saying that a deal is done and NS will enjoy summer in London
when will the govt take the media to court for all the fake news they spread


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Winds of change towards the dawn of a new era for Pakistan. I can feel those turbulent gusts trying to turn into the mother of all tornadoes which will wipe away the filth from the face of Pakistan we all know as the Sharifs, Zardaris, Patwaris, and all those corrupt people they spawned over the years.
Cry away oh you contemptible and nefarious arse kissing cheap internet dawdlers known as the qalandars, zaidiqasims, liberals etc. These are your final gasps as you stare into the twilight of your era of transgressions and lawlessness.
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