Maryam Nawaz shares the video of Iftar dinner with Bilawal Zaradri


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Enjoying the way Imran zani,s puppies r crying today.
Crying? I’m been laughing all day. Pmln were going to drag zardari and hang him upside down, but now they are kissing his boots! What a UTURN!

It’s hilarious.. from sher to slave of PPP in 1 day!


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ماضی کے داغ دار ، آج کے یار غار

قوم سارے چوروں کو اکھٹا ایک جگہہ پر بغیر روزے کے افطار کرتے دیکھ لے


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What a shameless gathering of two crooks.
One, Maryam Safdar the "Calibri thug" who was sentenced to 7 years jail term, 38 crore rupees penalty & disqualified from contesting election for 10 years for presenting a trust deed before the apex court which was fake and had been tampered with.

Billo Rani, the moron, on the other hand, who became Chairman of a party accidentally, through his mother's fake will, lives his life on "looted public money" and lectures from prearranged scripts.......gathers together to save Pakistan???

What a joke..........Joke of the decade.
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شیطان کی ناجائز اولاد

بے بیغرت اور بدچلن عورت

اس بدچلن عورت کا خاوند بھی کوئی دلا ہی ہے جو اپنی بیوی کو

غیر مردوں میں بٹھا کر فخر محسوس کرتا ہے


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آنٹی مریم اپنی ٹاپ کماو مشین بلاول رانی صاحبہ کا باو لگاتے ہوے


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I recall in last election you said vote for pti is vote for zardari as pti and ppp are one
Marium you are so comfortable with bilawal you look you are willing to be share beds with ppp indeed you have proved all you care is your hunger so power and you go any length
What principle it is called loot khasoth
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