LHC moved for recovery of Dost Khosas wife


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LHC moved for recovery of Dost Khosas wife

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LAHORE: A petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court for recovery of Sapna Khan and her infant daughter. The woman is stated to be spouse and daughter of former Punjab Chief Minister Dost Muhammad Khosa of the PML-N.

The Judicial Activism Panel filed the habeas corpus petition on Tuesday, stating that the lady was allegedly thrashed and taken away by the friends of Khosa from GOR on June 22 and since then no clue to her whereabouts was available.

The petitioner said a news item about the incident was published in a daily on July 7 but it remained un-contradicted. Recounting the facts of the report, the petitioner, through Muhammad Azhar Siddique advocate, contended that Sapna Khan, a showbiz star and third spouse of Khosa, was last time witnessed outside the official residence of Khosa at GOR with a baby in her lap. She was mercilessly beaten by the friends of the former CM who also took her away in a car to any unknown place after the baby was snatched from her. As per report reproduced in the petition, Sapna was residing in Johar Town where Sardar Dost Khosa had purchased a house for her but she wanted to stay with Khosa at his official residence at GOR which had formed the basis of a dispute between them.

On the day of alleged occurrence, Sapna came to the GOR and insisted on residing there in the presence of Khosas friends. A scuffle took place between the couple and when one Faheem intervened, Sapna slapped him in the face which provoked the others to thrash Sapna and remove to some unknown location.

The petitioner prayed to the court for dealing the matter as human right issue and take cognizance of the same to direct the authorities to recover and produce the woman in the court. The petitioner was also apprehensive about Sapnas life.


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lesson from above news....south punjab politicians blame takht lahore for their plight but actually they are the biggest enemies of their people themselves,also dost khosa is not even 40 and he has three wives already ,this is where poor tax payers money is going,in pockets of corrupt politicians,
also a lesson to women,,,dont hasten to marry every rich guy that comes your way,(even if he has 4 more wives).women should see some character in guys they are marrying too,not just the money,when you just marry for money then you loose your life too one day..but alas women here dont think from brain.
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PML-N's true face, his father Zulfiqar Khosa[spokesperson of Sharif family] was accused of diverting flood waters to save his farms and sink cities in Muzaffargarh district into water in Southern Punjab. Well this is the kind of jamhuriyat that these idiots wanted. And probably they don't mind their harkats, of "ocassionally" mistreating their children and wives 3,4,5,? as many they are. PML-N is making its constituents starve for basic necessities like sugar, atta[wheat],electricity,petrol,gas,etc. whereas there ministers are busy enjoying the high life and increasing their har**m ki population with their hara*m ka paisa acquired by thier chut*ya awam.


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it is matter of greed among them and their family matter they seemed to be quite good at such dealings as a person already have two wives can hamdle the third one as well let them fight that is not political and public issue also it is curse for such people to spend money on others otherwise money remains at one place
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