Imran Khan Taking Credit of Nawaz Sharif Projects

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Imran Naizi Begariat kay karnamay
What goes around comes around

And still better than continuing on a project if its of benefit to the nation rather than cancel it just so your opponent mght get some credit and then restarting it later in their own name

And for your jahil and jealous ass, this is inauguration plaque, ganjus was ground breaking. Look up the difference
Ganju was most welcomed to come to Pakistan and inaugurate it himself, but for some strange reason he did not show up? Hmmm .....I wonder why 🤔


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During Sharifs rule for over ten years two almost complete hospitals one in Wazirabad and other on Pindi were not completed only becuasue they were started by PMLQ govt. Any project that has been started and is beneficial for the public should be completed no matter who is in the power. Most projects take more then 5years and completions of projects shouldnt be based on political reasons. However we should avoid naming them Benazir Sharifs or Bacha Khans.


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If the Sharifs paid for the motorway themselves then Imran Khan shouldn't be inaugurating it. However, only a jahil Donkey eating phatwari like the OP would actually believe that they paid for it when the reality is that taxpayers money was used. The sitting PM usually opens such projects.


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Its not from shareef family's personal wealth? The current head of the state has all the rights to inaugurate a completed project


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Ask NS to comeback to Pakistan - get re-elected as PM and then take full credit with opening ceremony of this project. Or justify that money spent on this project belonged to NS and IK was taking credit for it..

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plates r in english so patwari confusion is understandable. otherwise it clearly says ganja was there for ground breaking n IK was there for auguration. its a regular thing that a project is started by 1 govt n completed by next govt.
2038 main jab kisi dosri party ki govt aayi to woh bhi pti govt kay bohot projects per plates lagaein gey. nothing unusual here


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If that logic is true.

Then CPEC was signed by Zardari, so why Nawaz Sharif did the Ground Breaking of any project under CPEC?
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