Imran Khan Kuch Karo Warna Tumhara Burra Haal Ho Jaye Ga - Zafar Hilaly to PM Imran Khan


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Imran Khan to kuch karle shayad task force bana de....lekin task force mein 1 bhi banda kaam karne wala nahi......sabsey best brains aapkey overseas mein baithey hen. 1 banda hai kisi bhi task force mein jo uth k kahen k put me in charge of this project and i will deliver within x amount of time? NO 1 bhi nahi....oopar se 4 mahiney mein 2 baar devaluation kardi hai PM ne (PM k appointed Finance minister ne IS SAMETHING) to konsa overseas Pakistani aega? 4 mahiney mein 2 devaluations...that is the root cause of majority of your problems... because its all about the economy. A pathetic country like Bangladesh ruled by haseena wajid has NOT devaluated their currency in the past 8 know why? because they are not learninig on the job like these pathetics....


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This crime was done on the orders of Nawaz and his GANG. Fact.

The entire PUNJAB police needs to be fired. The terrorist who used weapon must be hanged by military court.

Civilian courts are responsible for giving free pass to mass murderers rapist terrorist, find criminal like BILAWUL Zardaree innocent...

Death must be part of punishment.. Only way..


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three things are to be done..

1... police reforms asap asap asap
2.. legislation on corruption
3.. legislation regarding the children to protect them

make use of ordinances if oppposition is not willing to side with you.. Believe me people will see the effort and will know more about the heraaam khoors...

IK has to do things at faster pace....


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Hang all culprits of Sahiwal incident openly. Nation wants to see the action not the statements and video messages.


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IK can't do anything, it seems.
IK has too much on his plate already..
if a crazy cop suddenly kills someone, cannot blame least there is JIT and these guys will pay for it..
just compare to Model Town incident...there was no JIT and govt behaved as if nothing happened...these crazy cops were hired by PML-N people..if the CM removes even one cop...court reinstates them


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I was foreseeing this for a long time - these goons would go to any level to damage the credibility of IK and it government to make it look like "people vs. IK" - and even if that takes lives of innocents. They had never cared of lives when they were in past governments but now shedding their tears as if they are the most humane creatures.

This is a perfect example of pressurizing the government to bring down to its knees snd nobody needs to launch any street campaign for that. Previously, the goons in Punjab used Asia's case and adopted similar tactics.

This certainly signifies that IK is pressing the right buttons and the goons are feeling the heat.
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