Car of Cricketer Moin Khan Snatched from him at Johar Chorangi


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Car of Cricketer Moin Khan Snatched from him at Johar Chorangi..........

Stars k saath aisa ho ga to awam ka kya ho ga..... (clap)


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Bhai khushi ka nahi afsoos ka maqam hai. by the way docu yeh nahi dekhtay koi star hai ya aam admi inka kaam daka marna hai aur woh lagay huey hain is kaam per... Ab (so called) sadr-e-Pakistan ko he dekh lo woh kia mulk ko lot'tay hey dekhta hai ke yeh awam ki doulat hai ya star ki bus laga hay lotnay me...


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Not Only President.... i would say... all politicians... those are in power or others who are not in power..... and management of other departments.... are paying their role in improving the corruption.....

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If you ask MQM guy he will say that snatchers were looking like "PATHAN or Afghan"

And if you ask any other Party guy (ANP,JI etc) will say that they were looking like "Tanzimee Bhai" (Good friends or Mqm worker)

In this blame game of so called Karachi stake holders, criminals are doing their jobs
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