Why blame others


why do we blame politicians for evrything have we ever thought what r we doing as a nation if these leaders r corrupt so r we.have we evr thought that it could be a punishment from ALLAH for our bad deeds,so plz just think


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We are crying thats what a weak nation does

Our fate will not change till we try to change it and are determined to do it

Basically our politicians are not corrupt All nation is

Doctors : get pay from hospital but work privately
Police : We all know
Drivers : They charge extra to those who do not know normal fare
Bus drivers : increase fares every other day in name of petrol
Judiciary : no comments , we know situation of judiciary before Iftikhar
Dukal wala : sell fake products
Manufacturers : sell us sub standard work
Wholesellers : Stock everything and sell it at higher rate
Teachers : do not teach in school but private tuition is on rise.
Army : more intrested in power

etc etc etc


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rotey kyun ho chehra hi aisa hai.........................................tand nai taani bhigdi hai............it is not 1 thread is wrong all string is bad..............lets pray for miracle
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