Tonight with Jasmeen - 28th April 2011 - Special Programe on Adam Khors (The Dead Body Eaters)



if people can eat chicken,beef and mutton then they can eat anything :(



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Thanks jasmeen ,you done very well.I agree with the panel's views but will say that the police officer Humayun Masood Sandhu's version should not be ignored because it carry lots of weight.As for these two brothers are concerned,they are mentally sick people but since pak dont have the facility to monitor these kind of people so they are ignored by the society and they do what they think is right for them.They need rehabilitation more than punishment at least they are human beings ,I dont condone their acts at all but just treat them as sick patients , put them in a hospital may be for a long time but rehabilitate them so they become normal. In US,one person had same kind of habit-eating the human flesh, He bring in teen ager in his apartment,kill him/her and then dismember the body , eat part of it and the rest he put it in the freezer-finally one girl ran away and called police then he was caught. He admitted eating 14 teen agers in 3 years .But he was admitted in the hospital for rehabilitation so we should go to the bottom of the problem.Problem is they are sick people and they need treatment. Even in the west,people are sick like them. If someone dont agree with my assertion, i am sorry.
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