1. mohib

    Dr zulfiqar's meeting with Altaf in which he told him about the plan to disintegrate Pakistan (check

  2. karachiwala

    Some of the processes that take place within the body in a matter of seconds

    Various extraordinarily complex and flawless processes take place at the most amazing speeds in every square millimeter of the body in just a few seconds. These processes continue uninterrupted every second, with every breath we take, even as we sleep, until the end of our lives. These...
  3. mrcritic

    British police kept 150 murder victims' body parts!

    By Indo Asian News Service, IANS London, July 30 (IANS) Two police departments in Britain secretly kept brains and hearts of at least 150 murder victims for years and did not inform their families, an official review has found. While the Avon and Somerset Police revealed it kept brains, hearts...
  4. L

    New, Modest Body Scanner Unveiled

  5. haqiqat

    The magical realism of body counts

    The US government, and a pliant mainstream media, are making sure the public remain ignorant of civilian casualties. Gravediggers of Afghanistan and Pakistan have been kept busy as the US drone war has expanded, but civilian deaths remain undercounted as mendacious officials build a myth of...
  6. Arslan

    Search of Osama's Dead Body

  7. crankthskunk

    Dead Body of Salim Shahzad found: Breaking NEWS by ARY

    ARY is reporting, the body of Salim Shahzad is found in Mundi Bahuddin.
  8. Tilloo

    prayer is a great exarcise for the body

  9. M_Adnan.L

    Can we sell our Naval Cheifs BMW and get our jawans some proper night vision goggles and body armor?

    we all saw the pomp and power and white BMW the naval chief used in arriving at the Mehran Base after every thing had been cleared away. It seems he stopped over from his way to the golf course at Karsaz only minutes away from the base. Does he even realise the foolishness, ineptness and sorry...
  10. hans

    An Afgan Snipper on the lose named as "Nad-e Ali sniper" Brits body count going up.

    Mr Nad-e Ali, shot two British solders with one bullet. Read on!!! Source UK The Sun. A CRACK Royal Marine sniper is gunning for a Taliban marksman who murdered two British Paras in Afghanistan with one shot. The sniper, who cannot be named, is known as The Doctor for his clinical shooting...
  11. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 19th May 2011 - Shaikh Waqas & Hanif Abbasi - Why did US Throw the body of Osama in t

  12. B

    OBL's body can be receovered from the deep oceans!!!!!!!!!

    If they could recover a 2 years old body from the water, then why not OBL's be taken out. See the details below: Body Recovered From Crashed Air France Jet 'A body from the 2009 Air France crash that killed all 228 people aboard has been raised from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean...
  13. usmanjee786

    if Osama's body was buried in the sea were are other victim's bodies?

    its still like a drama 4 mee that usama body was buried in the sea ...........wid no pic or any thing alse that can prov he is dead ok lets if he has died were r the others who died along wid him.....its still a mystry 4 mee and others what exectlly has happend
  14. biomat

    'Bin Laden body dumped mafia style - little to win back US

  15. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 2nd May 2011 - Pakistani have a Qestion Why US Threw The Dead Body Of Osama into sea

  16. pakistan1947

    Where is the BODY of Osama Bin Laden????

    According to CNN: Elusive al Qaeda founder killed, buried at sea When Sadam Hussain Hanged Till Death, all news channels gave LIVE coverage of that news...... Then why Osama Bin Laden buried at sea so quickly ???? America need to show the world with proves about their Biggest Victory...
  17. Tonight With Jasmeen

    Tonight with Jasmeen - 28th April 2011 - Special Programe on Adam Khors (The Dead Body Eaters)

  18. famamdani

    Masoum Laila ki Pukar, Any body is there ????

  19. haqiqat

    How spine affects your body ?

    HOW SPINE AFFECTS YOUR BODY ? What a fascinating demo of how our spine affects our bodies Move your mouse over back bones and see the parts...
  20. mohib

    Sultan Rahi and his Dead body - MQM Vs PMLN