Thousands of protesters give way to ambulance in Hong Kong : Viral Video


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A decent society is the root of a successful nation.
Hundreds of thousands of protesters line the street in Hong Kong....but see what happens when an ambulance comes.

If you ever needed proof that Hong Kong is an awesome city, because a city is really its people, then let this following photo be the evidence:


Thousands of protesters give way to ambulance
It shows thousands of protesters in Hong Kong in jam-packed conditions being very considerate by making way for an ambulance to pass.

The photo was taken on June 16, 2019, the day where 1.44 million protesters hit Hong Kong streets making themselves heard. Loudly.

The ambulance was travelling along Harcourt Road, outside the Central Government Complex in Admiralty.

According to a media report, paramedic help was called in after protesters fainted on Sunday.

And when medical help arrived, the protesters instinctively made way.
Not isolated case
Plus, this was not an isolated incident.

Hong Kong protesters parting like the Red Sea to create a passage for an ambulance to pass also occurred outside the Hong Kong police headquarters in between Wanchai and Admiralty on the same Sunday.


Peaceful protests in Hong Kong in 2014 censored in China

Here’s the funny thing: When massive protests broke out in Hong Kong this time, Beijing was quick to point out that Hongkongers were being played by foreign influence.

If that is the case, has foreign influence made Hongkongers considerate in these instances of making way for ambulances to pass as well?

Ambulance photo is political
While Hongkongers and the rest of the world cheer on the civic-mindedness demonstrated by protesters, the internet in China has likely blocked out news about this event.

Commenters outside of China have been full of praise for the people of Hong Kong, saying that this is the Hong Kong they know and love — as evident in the comments section of this photo post on Facebook.


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Because this is a society, not a herd.
Why blame our shortcomings on donkey meat when these people here eat snakes, lizards and cockroaches?!
This article mentions Hong kongers as 'considerate.' The point to be made, in fact, is, 'disciplined.'
Yesterday a cabbie told me, 'sukki soch se kuch nahi hota'. Considerate to ham bhi bohat hain, kya practically kuch Karnay ke qabil hain?!


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What can you expect from poor Pakistani awam when our country has been run by FA pass jahils for 70+ years.

They send their kids to American Universities leaving all of us
illiterate and uneducated just to obey and fulfill their orders.

Blame awam when you give their Pakistan back to them first.


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Thats caz we are not a nation, we are just animals living in a jungle trying to kill other animals.


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This is the basic difference between a civilized society and a unruly mob lead by thieves.