This government doesn't need enemy - Mayam Nawaz in Parliament House


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What an irony. Mariam & Bilawal got together to rescue Pakistan?

Maryam Safdar the "Calibri thug" (the daughter of the most corrupt man of Asia Nawaz) was sentenced to 7 years jail term, 38 crore rupees penalty & disqualified from contesting election for 10 years for presenting a trust deed before the apex court which was fake and had been tampered with.

Billo Rani, the moron ( son of Mr. 10% ) who became Chairman of a party accidentally, through his mother's fake will, lives his life on "looted public money" and lectures from prearranged scripts (prepared by patwaries) .......gathers together to save Pakistan???

Tell me what is that? .......Joke of the decade??


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Chall kutia choor ki beti choorni, liar ghar se bhagnai wali badkirdar zalil ghatia aurat. Tum aur khusri bilawal can’t do nothing, we Pakistani hate both you, only some duffers may follow you for share of looted money.
Get lost harram zadai.