The Inception and The End of The Universe




The beginning of our existence has always been a matter of great debate. Early creationists proposed that universe popped into existence out of nowhere. Some believed that in our world, horizons and everything known were present for eternities. Some believed that the universe was made merely as a training field for the war to come in Valhalla. All of these beliefs were refuted when the big bang was unanimously accepted as the start of time, as the start of dimensions, as the start of life and thus as the start of existence.

In the modern world our quest for enigma has taken us beyond horizons to places in space that were previously unknown to humans. The invention of the telescope by Hans Lippershey in 1608 was the first of several gadgets to assist us in this pursuit. However, things were revolutionized with the evolution of an ordinary telescope to the Hubble telescope. The innovative and advanced technology of the Hubble enables it to capture the light emitted from stars billions of years ago. Simply stating, it can look back in time. With the passage of every hour, every minute, it is looking further back going deeper in its fields, developing images of what it was like billions of years ago. These images include the hubble deep field, hubble extreme deep field and the hubble ultra deep field.


According to most sources, the Big Bang happened around 13.7 billion light years ago. Priorly, there were no such things as dimensions. The concept of dimensions incepted with this new theory. Three of the dimensions i.e length, breadth, and depth, are known to almost every individual but the fourth variable which a very limited number of people consider as a dimension is time. Without the presence of time, there would be no concept of creation or destruction. Everything would be from eternity to eternity. The presense of time is only limited to the universe. This is why we follow a cycle of being born, aging and dying. Same is the case with our stars which are formed, age and eventually die out. Galactic centres, black holes, worm holes and even our whole universe will end after. Obviously this is a very slow process but it is going on. This is because our universe is and will be continuously expanding until the time that the extent of expansion would cause galaxies, stars, planets and eventually all matter to burst and be wiped out. However, due to the ever slow process of expansion, this is estimated to take 22 billion light years more.

On the other hand, we sure can witness the start. Using the Hubble telescope, we have gone back some 13.2 billion light years and as stated priorly the big bang has been estimated to be taking place 13.7 billion years ago, rendering the range of the Hubble extremely close to the start of our universe. The most recent deep field of Hubble i.e. Hubble Ultra Deep Field has shown us a galaxy that is in birth, namely, the MACS0647-JD. It is speculated that this is where the capabilities of Hubble expires and it is unable to penetrate further into past. Does it mean that this would be the end of our hunger for knowledge? Never, in my opinion. In fact, we may look at the future as well when we are bored with our past perhaps.


This is where a new type of telescope comes in which can surpass the abilities of the Hubble, the James Webb telescope. Although this project is still in the process, billions of dollars have been spent on it and counting. The estimated numbers of light years it can look back is around 13.6 billion light years. This means that not just Big Bang but the quantum fluctuations that led to Big Bang taking place can be seen by humans. Who wouldnt like to see Big Bang? Who wouldnt like to see what is beyond dimensions?

However, can we witness such a grand theatre before our eyes? Its not that we cannot, we most certainly can. But, are we meant to see that? What will a cynical man do with such potentially deadly information? It starts with the sake of learning but gradually humans will learn to manipulate such information to pursue their lust for power. For example, when we acquired the knowledge of fusion and fission it led to the birth of the nuclear bomb. And with such immense knowledge, we might turn into monsters that use an excuse for knowledge to stage their own rise. In my honest opinion, us humans are not worthy of such information.


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Create a man from Big Bang theory? Why Big Bang theory happens just once?
you can't explain the functions in human body and going to tells us about sky where no one is reached.


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Its a non serious layman's article with mistakes - The Universe is slowing down and would ultimately collapse back to a singularity. This is the considered opinion of the Aalim's of today !

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کائنات کے معرض وجود میں آنے۔ ارتقائی مراحل سے گزرنے۔ آخر کار فنا ہوجانے پر دنیا جہان کی تمام ریسرچ اکٹھی کر لیں۔ خلاصہ صرف دو الفاظ ہیں۔ کُن فَیَکُون۔


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کائنات کے معرض وجود میں آنے۔ ارتقائی مراحل سے گزرنے۔ آخر کار فنا ہوجانے پر دنیا جہان کی تمام ریسرچ اکٹھی کر لیں۔ خلاصہ صرف دو الفاظ ہیں۔ کُن فَیَکُون۔

نہی یہ خلاصہ نہی ھے یہ انتیھا ھے. کن فیکون تک پہونچنے کیلئے ابھی فزکس کے بہوت سے دریا عبور کرنے پڑیں گے اور اللہ انسانوں کو زمین کے عرصہ ے حیات تک فزکس، کیمسٹری اور بیالوجی کی گتھیوں میں الجھا کر اس کی ذہنی سطح کو بلند کرتا رہے گا