The importance of being popular at work to your Success

In life, it is said that "nice guys finish last", but being popular in the workplace is, in fact, a secret ingredient in a successful career path.

Back to high school years, didn’t a part of you always wonder how the cool kids did it? Popularity remained a cryptic aspect of human existence that ceased to be associated with once we threw our caps in the air.

Associating with well-liked employees, other could improve their own status

About 98% of us at school were prey to the 2% of children who were born gifted with the talent skills to make them so likable. There is a research about popularity in schools, and most have indicated that popular children have seen as better students, who could make and maintain their friendships more easily. If you think it only last in their school duration, you might be want to rethink. In 2009, organizational psychologists Timothy Judge and B.A. Scott at the University of Florida showed their result in popularity playing a significant role on success in a person job. Apparently, a peer has tendency to agree on who within their work groups is popular... and that an employee’s popularity is related to the receipt of favourable treatment from those colleagues.

Different kinds of popularity:

In common, there are 2 types of likable person in your office. The first is sociometrically popular who were characterized by peers as kind, trustworthy and more straightforward kind of being liked as a result of common social behaviours engaging such as organising company’s anniversary, offer food or helping other but not as dominant, aggressive as the second type who are “perceived popularity”. This is the type of popularity that leads you to success. In the perspective of the work environment, these are things like political games, you could be viewed as a role model for the entire employees, however you’re not so well-liked for your relationally aggressive, stuck-up behaviours. Presumably, it all depends on what your purpose is, only to be liked or to success or both.

So, how to be popular at work???

Here is some simple and efficient advice you need to apply to improve your reputation:

Show that you care about other people: Who doesn’t love to talk about themselves, does it? So the answer is a good listener. Taking your little time to hear their stories, or simply say hello and smile in the morning, you’ll make them happy and encourage them to like you.

► Be ingenious to change the attention away from yourself: Stop talking endlessly about yourself and your boyfriend or girlfriend and what you did over the weekend, instead, if somebody broaches a particular topic, trying to be admired, be admiring.

Simply say "Hello" and smile is the way to show that you care about other people

► Organize team building activities: I don’t mean that you have to become your department’s cheerleader, but taking charge of assembling the group together for drinks or another fun activity after work or during the holidays will increase your popularity a lot.

►Office food: How about building your image by the food? Once a week buying one of those bargain packs of chocolate cereal rice crispy cakes. You only need about 2.99 a week for 20 of them and the whole office will turn your desk be an area to enjoy a mid-morning snack and a chat.

► Help other whenever you can: Always be generous with your knowledge, expertise, and time without expecting anything in return and they will start to look towards you as someone who may be able to help them and can count on in their hard times and remember you in the good times too.

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