The curious case of Zaheer-ul-Islam and General Raheel

What Really Happened

(by Shimatoree)

Earlier last year before the start of Zarb E Azab ...PM Nawaz Shareef went to Turkey for a meeting with the PM of Turkey and that of Afghanistan-( Hamid Karzai). During the interactions Karzai spoke in a typical Karzai-Like fashion criticized the Pakistan Army severely and declared it responsible for all ILLS of Afghanistan.
And he did this while Nawaz Shareef was there listening and said NOTHING to defend the honor of Pakistan Army. Gen. Raheel Shareef was present there and was SEETHING with anger at the lack of response from his leader.

FAST the Hamid Mir shooting where Nawaz Shareef went and that is where the following took place.

Nawaz Shareef called Raheel Shareef and asked him directly to FIRE Zaheer Ul Islam on the spot !

Well , Gen. Raheel of course tried to talk sense into the PM but Nawaz Shareef was adamant.

Raheel refused.

Then Nawaz Shareef called Gen. Zaheer Ul Islam and told him that he would make HIM Chief of staff if he would get rid of Gen. Raheel Sharif..

Zaheer Ul Islam refused and reported the matter to his chief Gen. Raheel Shareef.

A corp commanders conference took place and after through discussion, the army decide to MAKE policy and treat the politicians as mere pretenders and third rate actors.-( Paraphrasing)-

Moreover the Operation of Zarb E Azab was DELAYED by the PML-N Administration by no less than 2 months but the events developing after the Hamid Mir shooting led to quick start of the operation WITHOUT an OK initially from the Nawaz Shareef group which only found out about it through the news media when Gen. Bajwa of the ISPR gave his press briefing.

The lesson from these incidents is that Nawaz Shareef DOES NOT learn any lessons from what took place in October 1999 when Musharraf took over after Nawaz Shareef tried to make Gen. Butt C-in-C after trying to sack Gen. Musharraf.

So now you know.
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Zia party is working on another conspiracy against Gen Raheel Sharif because Raheel Sharif is a big threat to Nawaz Sharif's and Zardari's family. In dharna Zia party's agents were active to topple army chief and now they are again working on another conspiracy. Allah please save Raheel Sharif from these anti Pakistan elements. The another reason behind Zia party conspiracy is to keep modi happy because of their vested interests in India. Nawaz wanted to shoot IK and Raheel Shareef with one bullet because he knows that when Raheel will resign whole Pakistani nation would point fingers on IK that you are the responsible for RS resign then he will lose all his support and Sharif kingdom will rule this country for next 20 years.


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Yaad gup ki bhi Sar pair honi chayee. Tum jaisoun kay script hi burri tarah flop houye. Keep on dreaming..


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hmmn well I hope it is investigated because............................................................

What ever one says the thing to remember is the corrupt political elite is shaking, that much is true and everyone is targetimng the armed forces. Since My last two visits to Pakistan earlier this year Peopla are with army so who is with politicians?
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Well, the reality is NS is an idiot and he thinks himself a superior to everyone.
Imran Khan had asked for four constituencies to be opened and he refused for more than a year.
After IK staged the sit-in, it was obvious the non-democratic forces were going to take advantage of it. If NS had some sense, he could have given into IK's demand earlier and he would not even have had to bow down towards the Army, which is now calling the shots in the Foreign Policy, Defence, and Interior ministries.

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